Vol. 9, No.3, Fall 2004 (#35)

David Markson, Alexandra Fuller, Fanny Howe, Robert Desnos, Alice Fulton, Julie Speed, and more... purchase now


Alexandra Fuller: Finding the Past through the Present | by Christopher J. Lee
Fanny Howe: Bewildering the Language | by Daniel Borzutzky
David Markson: Reading the Archive | by Stephen Burn


Thom Gunn: A Memorial | by Stephen Burt

Fall Art Feature: VACUM Attachment

Sleeping by the Mississippi | Alec Soth | by Glenn Gordon
Sophie Calle: M'as-tu Vue | edited by Christine Macel | by Jan Estep
2004 Whitney Bienniel Exhibition | edited by Chrissie Iles, Shamin M. Momin, and Debra Singer | by Clea Felien
Radical Art  | Helen Langa | by Thomas O'Sullivan
The Contingent Object of Contemporary Art | Martha Buskirk | by Patricia Briggs
From Noble Sufferers to Basket Cases | essay by Michael Fallon


Trial & Error | One Big Self by Deborah Luster & C.D. Wright | by Peter Gizzi
The New Life | a comic by Gary Sullivan
Last Laugh | STONED | by Louis Phillips



The 9/11 Commission Report  | Thomas H. Kean, et al. | by David Wiley
Gag Rule  | Lewis H. Lapham | by John Colburn
What's the Matter with Kansas?  | Thomas Frank | by Scott Esposito
Robert Desnos, Surrealism, and the Marvelous in Everyday Life  | Katharine Conley | by George Kalamaras
An Open Entrance to the Shut Palace of Wrong Numbers  | Franklin Rosemont | by Laura Winton
Julie Speed  | Elizabeth Ferrer & Edmund P. Pillsbury, eds. | by Susan Buechler
Middlebrow Annoyances  | Myles Weber | by Justin Maxwell
Souvenir of Canada  | Douglas Coupland | by Stacy L. Brix
The New World of Martín Cortés  | Anna Lanyon | by John Toren
Criminal Woman, The Prostitute, and the Normal Woman  | Cesare Lombroso and Guglielmo Ferrero | by Charisse Gendron
Memoirs of a Breton Peasant  | Jean-Marie Déguignet | by Laird Hunt
Thorstein Veblen and the American Way of Life  | Louis Patsouras | by Eric J. Iannelli
In Pursuit of Plants  | Philip Short | by Allison Slavick
The Battle of Blair Mountain  | Robert Shogan | by Eliza Murphy
Something from the Oven  | Laura Shapiro | by Carrie Mercer
Women Writing Resistance  | Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez, ed. | by Kristin Thiel


When Red is Black  | Qiu Xiaolong | by | Kevin Carollo
The Moon in its Flight  | Gilbert Sorrentino | by Scott Bryan Wilson
The Whispering of Ice Cubes  | Rupert Wondolowski | by Mark Terrill
The Wavering Knife  | Brian Evanson | by Douglas Messerli
Woman With Dark Horses  | Aimee Parkison | by Mark Tursi
The Magick Bookshop  | Kala Trobe | by Kris Lawson
Susie Bright Presents: Three the Hard Way  | Greg Boyd, William Harrison,
& Tsaurah Litzky | by Jim Feast
Without Blood  | Alessandro Baricco | by Tim Kindseth
Looking For War  | Douglas Unger | by Alex Starace
A Girl Becomes A Comma Like That  | Lisa Glatt | by Jennifer Przybylski
Above the Thunder  | Renée Manfredi | by Alicia Conroy
How To Fly  | Rachael Perry | by Heidi Bell
Compositions For The Young And Old  | Paul G. Tremblay | by Alan DeNiro
Idlewild & Edenborn | Nick Sagan | by Kelly Everding
A Carnivore's Inquiry  | Sabina Murray | by Thomas Haley
Half-Life  | Aaron Krach | by Brad Jacobson
Burning Salt  | Anna Mockler | by Susan Smith Nash
Palafox  | Eric Chevillard | by Brian Evenson
To Write On Tamara?  | Marcel Bénabou | by Andrew Palmer


Barren Harvest  | Dane Zajc | by Miriam Sagan
Macular Hole  | Catherine Wagner | by Noah Eli Gordon
The Orchard  | Brigit Pegeen Kelly | by Mike Chasar
Country of Light  | Joseph Stroud | by Kevin Cantwell
Cascade Experiment  | Alice Fulton | by Sarah Vap
Sad Little Breathing Machine  | Matthea Harvey | by Amy Schroeder
Spell  | Dan Beachy-Quick | by Stan Mir
She-Devil  | Betsy Andrews | by Elizabeth Robinson
Five Fictions  | Joe Ahearn | by Jay Besemer
Beat Thing  | David Meltzer | by Christopher Luna
Songs of Love and War: Afghan Women's Poetry  | Sayd Bahodine Majrouh, ed. | by Jules Nyquist
Anabranch  | Andrew Zawacki | by Andrew Joron
Selected Poems | Ilhan Berk | by Susan Smith Nash
Between the Blast Furnaces and the Dizziness | Milo De Angelis | by Daniela Gioseffi
Espresso  | Lucia Frangione | by Justin Maxwell


The Art of the Possible  | Kenneth Koch | by Gary Sullivan
Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde  | P. Craig Russell | by Eric Lorberer
Krazy & Ignatz: “A Kat A'Lilt With Song”  | George Herriman | by Stepan Chapman
Carnets de Voyage  | Craig Thompson | by Robert Boyd

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