The Rain Taxi Tee

NEW Rain Taxi Tee: Peace Edition

Celebrate peace, love, and Rain Taxi with this our effulgent new t-shirt! 100% cotton tee, with an original design by Karl Krause, combining the bursting forth energy of books with the eternal hope for peace. Available in men’s and women’s cuts.

Men's sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, & XXL
Women's sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large, & XXL

$20 each, plus $4 shipping

(Can/Mex adds $4 shipping. Overseas adds $8 shipping).

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We’re wearing our mission statement on our shirt! A white and teal design on an all-cotton purple tee.

Men's sizes: Only Extra Large available
Women's sizes: Only Extra Large available

$20 each

includes S&H in the U.S.
(Can/Mex adds $4 shipping. Overseas adds $8 shipping).

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Rain Taxi "HEAD ON FIRE" Tee

Head on Fire-2016-TeeOur brand-spanking-new Rain Taxi t-shirt has a blazing new design by The New Life cartoonist Gary Sullivan! The Rain Taxi “Head on Fire” t-shirt is an all-cotton forest green shirt with a fiery orange and white design.

Men's sizes: Small and Extra Large
Women's sizes: Extra Large
(Sorry, we are sold out of Women's  Small, Medium, Large, and Men's Medium and Large sizes)

ONLY $20, includes S&H in the U.S.

(Can/Mex adds $4 shipping. Overseas adds $8 shipping).

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Rain Taxi T-Shirt Gallery

Feast your eyes on past t-shirt designs from Rain Taxi!

"Rain Taxi limited edition," 1998

designed by Randall Heath

1 Gallerytee-FirstTee

"setting Records edition," 2000

designed by Randall Heath

2 Gallerytee-Record

"Logo edition," 2002

designed by Randall Heath


"Dragon edition," 2003

art by Rikki Ducornet, designed by Kelly Everding

4 Gallerytee-Dragon

"10th Anniversary edition," 2006

featuring Rain Taxi cover art by Randall Heath and Kelly Everding, designed by Kelly Everding

5 Gallerytee-10anniversary

"joe Sacco edition," 2007

designed by Joe Sacco

6 Gallerytee-Sacco

"Rebus edition," 2010

designed by Kelly Everding

7 Gallerytee-Rebus

"Jim Woodring edition," 2011

designed by Jim Woodring
8 Gallerytee-Woodring

"Branded" Tee 2013

logo designed by Witt Siasoco
9 Gallerytee-Branded

"Head on Fire" Tee 2016

designed by Gary Sullivan
9 Gallerytee-HeadonFire

"Aesthetically Adventurous" Tee 2018

designed by Kelly Everding and Tom Cassidy
9 Gallerytee-AestheticallyAdventurous

"Peace, Love, and Rain Taxi" Tee 2020

designed by Karl Krause
9 Gallerytee-Peace