Rain Taxi Rewind


Created as a special project over the course of our 21st year, the Rain Taxi Rewind offers a series of thematic windows onto Rain Taxi’s deep and varied 20-year archive. In the gatherings below, Erik Hane highlights patterns, trends, and topics with the advantage of hindsight, casting older pieces in a new light. More than anything though, the Rewind simply goes back to some pieces we love, celebrating the work of so many writers and publishers from our first two decades of driving.

Erik Hane is an editor, writer, and literary agent based in Minneapolis, and co-creator of the book industry podcast Print Run. He can be found at @erikhane on Twitter.

Post Post-Racial

YA and the Genre Question


Hero Complex

The Fever Dream

Watched and Watching


"Like Sweden"

Body of Knowledge

Old Faith in a New Time

Our Writers, Our Alcoholics

Back to Reality

The Necessity of War Poems

Videogames: Art or Not?

Bad Behavior

The Post-Racial Myth

The Many Faces of Russia

Keep the End Times Rollin'

2010: A Midwest State of Mind

2000: The Necessity of Small Presses

2002: The Everything Fight

2012: The Digital Leap of Faith

2008: There Are Always More Ideas

2004: A View to a Kill

2001: What's a Prose Poem?