Vol. 4, No. 2, Summer 1999 (#14)

Leslie Marmon Silko, Jorge Luis Borges, John Ashbery, Prison Writing, and more...purchase now


Leslie Marmon Silko | interviewed by Anna Reckin
John Ashbery | interviewed by Eric Lorberer


Jorge Luis Borges: 100 Years of Infinity | essay by Robert Zaller
Alexander Trocchi | essay by Michael Perkins
Writing Behind the Walls: feature on Prison Writing
Doing Time | Bell Gale Chevigny, ed.
Prison Writing in 20th century America | H. Bruce Franklin, ed.
I am First a Human Being | Krystyna Wituska
How It All Began | Nikolai Bukharin
Behind Razor Wire | Michael Jacobson-Hardy | reviewed by Eric Lorberer


The New Life: a comic | by Gary Sullivan
The Writer Reads: Cris Mazza on Mary Hood
Widely Unavailable: Tim O'Brien | reviewed by Chris Fischbach
Adversaria: Quotations courtesy of Sam Hamill



Think of the Self Speaking | Harry Smith |  by Jason Kuykendall
River of Song | Elijah Wald & John Junkerman |  by Jon Rodine
Story Story StoryvJim Schumock |  by Joseph Clark
White Lies | Maurice Berger |  by Rebecca Miller
Oui | Salvador Dali |  by Anna Reckin
Prepare for Saints | Steven Watson |  by Lucinda Ebersole
My Way | Charles Bernstein |  by Glenn Mott
The Technology of Orgasm | Rachel P. Maines |  by Carolyn Kuebler
Ladies of the Rope | William Patrick Patterson |  by Charisse Gendron
Couples and Loneliness | Nan Goldin |  by Kelly Everding
Bachelors | Rosalind E. Krauss |  by Carolyn Kuebler
Nothing Mat(t)ers | Somer Brodribb |  by David Clippinger
The Enigma of Al Capp | Alexander Theroux |  by David Auerbach


Silver | Matthew Remski |  by David Wiley
Massage | Henry Flesh |  by Thomas Fagan
Document Zippo | L. A. Ruocco |  by Paul D. Dickinson
Wrong Information Is Being Given Out At Princeton | J. P. Donleavy |  by Paul Di Filippo
The Cape & Snakelust | Kenji Nakagami |  by Caroline Schnieders
The Marvelous Adventures of Pierre Baptiste | Patricia Eakins |  by Elizabeth Millard
The Oxygen Man & Veneer | Steve Yarbrough |  by Paul Ritter
The View from Below  | Lindsey Crittenden |  by Susan Swartwout
The Deposition of Father McGreevy | Brian O'Doherty |  by David Remy
I'm Right Here  | Tony Rauch |  by Brian Evenson
Living for the City  | Jervey Tervalon |  by Brian Schwartz
Bluebottle | James Sallis |  by Gerald Schwartz
The Seven Madmen | Roberto Arlt |  by Mary Sarko
Mosaic Man | Ronald Sukenick |  by Matt Dube
Brief Interviews with Hideous Men | David Foster Wallace |  by Steven Moore
All-Night Visitors | Clarence Major |  by Jerome Klinkowitz
The Blood Girls | Meira Cook |  by Carol Ann Sima
The Night We Buried Road Dog | Jack Cady |  by Alan DeNiro
More Bread or I'll Appear | Emer Martin |  by Phil Presby
Billy and Girl | Deborah Levy |  by Anne Ursu


Midnight Salvage | Adrienne Rich |  by Tony Barnstone
7th Circle | Maggie Jaffe |  by Michael McIrvin
First Course in Turbulence | Dean Young |  by S. P. Healey
The Character | Jena Osman |  by Eric Lorberer
Above the Human Nerve Domain | Will Alexander |  by Joel Felix
Once I Gazed at You in Wonder | Jan Heller Levi |  by Jeffrey Shotts
Matinees | Ange Mlinko |  by Juliet Patterson
Modulations | Richard Martin |  by Fred Schmalz
Black Box Cutaway | Susan Gevirtz |  by Gary Sullivan
Fugitive Red | Karen Donovan |  by Sarah Fox
Tug | G. E. Patterson |  by Leola Abraham
After I Was Dead | Laura Mullen |  by Kim Fortier
Wake | Bin Ramke |  by Kelly Everding


The Fall of Homunculus | Pentii Otsamo |  by John Eisler
Lost Girl | Nabiel Kanan |  by John Eisler
Veils | Pat McGreal, Stephen John Phillips, & Jose Villarubia |  by John Eisler


Lies, Sissies, & Fiascoes: The Best of This American Life |  by C. K. Hubbuch

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