Elena Poniatowska, David Wojnarowicz, Hanif Kureishi, and more...


Words Created Out of Lives: An interview with Elena Poniatowska
Interviewed by Jay Miskowiec
One of Mexico's most widely celebrated living writers, Elena Poniatowska's remarkable work bridges the gap between fiction and essay. Jay Miskowiec spoke with her about politics, journalism and the rhythm of writing.


David Wojnarowicz
Essay by Eric Lorberer
From his first gallery exhibition in 1980 to his death in 1992, David Wojnarowicz blazed a trail in the art world that continues to invite commentary. Two new books examine his enduring artistic legacy.

The Prose Poem
Essay by Eric Lorberer
There is no denying that the prose poem has come into its own as a genre. This essay examines the state of the art and discusses some recent prose poem collections.


Rudy Rucker
Seek! offers a behind-the-scenes look at one of the more original minds in science fiction. Reviewed by Rudi Dornemann

Nick Drake: The Biography
by Patrick Humphries
The first biography of this famously enigmatic singer/songwriter. Reviewed by Mark Terrill

Glam! Bowie, Bolan, and the Glitter Rock Revolution
Barney Hoskyns
Barney Hoskyns tracks how Glitter Rock, with its camp image and pansexual leanings, brought rebellion back to rock and roll. Reviewed by Dominic Ali

The Long Slow Death of Jack Kerouac
Jim Christy
Jim Christy's portrayal of Kerouac as " a religious writer and an alien," is centered around a reevaluation of the last dozen years of Kerouac's life. Reviewed by Brian Foye

Profiles in Murder: An FBI Legend Dissects Killers and Their Crimes
Russell Vorpagel
Fall Guys: False Confessions and the Politics of Murder
Jim Fisher
Lectures and accounts by Russell Vorpagel, one of the founders of the FBI Behavioral Science Profiling Unit, and Jim Fisher's fascinating search for the truth behind two murder cases of the late 1950s. Reviewed by Kris Lawson


Burning Sky
Rachel Pollack
A new collection of speculative fiction by Arthur C. Clarke and World Fantasy Award winner Rachel Pollack. Reviewed by Emily Streight

Hanif Kureishi
Kureishi's new novel details the emotional schizophrenia of infidelity. Reviewed by Brad K. Jacobson

Sex for the Millennium
Harold Jaffe
Harold Jaffe's sixth collection of fictions, explores the deeply conflicted, hypersexual morality wonderland that is the late 20th century. Reviewed by Trevor Dodge


Towards the Blanched Alphabets
& Articles of Light and Elation
Gustaf Sobin
Two new collections by expatriate American poet Gustaf Sobin. Reviewed by Robert Baker

Troubled Lovers in History
Albert Goldbarth
Reading Albert Goldbarth's poetry is like simultaneously tuning in to late-night news, listening to a Hank Williams album, watching an Ed Wood science fiction flick, and all the time attending to the language of the book in your hands.  Reviewed by Jeffrey Shotts

Lee Ann Brown
The poems in Polyverse, in traditional New York School or LANGUAGE fashion, are linguistic events. Reviewed by Chris Fischbach

Elaine Equi
Elaine Equi's poems transport the reader into a space and time in which everything builds toward the ultimate silence in the subject's mind. Reviewed by Mary Ann Koruth

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