Vol. 4, No.3, Fall 1999 (#15)

Leslie Marmon Silko, Jorge Luis Borges, John Ashbery, Prison Writing, and more...purchase now


Paul Auster | interviewed by Eric Lorberer and Xandra Coe
Bei Dao | interviewed by Dan Featherston


Press Profile: Granary Books | essay by Chris Fischbach
Jack London: Rediscovering the Rarities | The Valley of the Moon & The Star Rover | reviewed by Elizabeth Millard
Leslie Scalapino: Poetry and Poetics | New Time & The Public World/Syntactically Impermanence | reviewed by Jen Hofer


Widely Unavailable: The Exquisite Corpse | Alfred Chester | reviewed by Allen Hibbard
The New Life: a comic | by Gary Sullivan
Critical Issues: humor | by Erik Belgum & Gary Sullivan



Acres of Skin | Allen M. Hornblum |  by Josie Rawson
Marlene Dumas | Barbara Bloom, et al. |  by Carolyn Kuebler
Rene Daumal | Kathleen Ferrick Rosenblatt |  by Thomas Sanfilip
Times Square Red, Times Square Blue | Samuel R. Delany |  by James Sallis
Gore Vidal: Sexually Speaking | Gore Vidal |  by Thomas Fagan
A Degree of Mastery | Annie Tremmel Wilcox |  by Walker Rumble
Indiana Gothic  | Pope Brock |  by Kris Lawson
Hammer. Nail. Wood. | Thomas Glynn |  by Jerome Klinkowitz
Where the Sky Ends | M.G. Stephens |  by Jerome Klinkowitz
Climbing High | Lene Gammelgaard |  by Henry Everding
A Dark Place in the Jungle | Linda Spalding |  by C.K. Hubbuch
Wonder, The Rainbow, and the Aesthetics of Rare Experiences | Philip Fisher | by Jennie Chu
Figuring the Word | Johanna Drucker |  by Aaron Kunin
Groovin' High | Alyn Shipton |  by Jon Rodine
Metal, Rock, and Jazz | Harris M. Berger |  by Mark Nowak
The Memoirs of Elias Canetti | Elias Canetti |  by David Auerbach
Giacometti | Reinhold Hohl, ed. |  by Jon Rodine
The Lives of Animals | J. M. Coetzee |  by Jason Kuykendall
The Route as Briefed | James Tate |  by Fred Schmalz
Feeling as a Foreign Language | Alice Fulton |  by Steven Moore
Children of the Yellow Kid | Robert C. Harvey |  by Eric Lorberer
From Girls to Grrrlz | Trina Robbins |  by Eric Lorberer


Dark River | Louis Owens |  by Heid Erdrich
The White Bone | Barbara Gowdy |  by Brad Jocobson
PU-239 and Other Russian Fantasies | Ken Kalfus |  by David Wiley
A Stranger in the Earth | Marcel Theroux |  by Peter Ritter
The End of the Class War | Catherine Brady |  by Kyla Jones
My Phantom Husband | Marie Darrieussecq |  by Kyla Jones
Where I Live Now | Lucia Berlin |  by Rikki Ducornet
Evguenie Sokolov | Serge Gainsbourg |  by Perry Friedman
Absinthe | Christophe Bataille |  by Kelly Everding
The Migration of Ghosts | Pauline Melville |  by Christine Ritland
The Field | Joanna Gunderson |  by Carolyn Kuebler
The Big Banana  | Roberto Quesada |  by Matt Dube
Haunted Traveller | Barry Yourgrau |  by Pedro Ponce
Seven Dreams of Elmira | Patrick Chamoiseau |  by Deborah Treisman
Yo-Yo Boing! | Giannina Braschi |  by Mary Sarko
Night Duty | Melitta Breznik |  by Anne Ursu
Yellow Jack | Josh Russell |  by Allen Hibbard
The Amsterdam Cops | Janwillem van de Wetering |  by Brain Foye
Police and Thieves | Peter Plate |  by Randall Heath
Cryptonomicon | Neal Stephenson |  by Rudi Dornemann


A Legacy of Shadows & News From Down to the Cafe | David Lee |  by Jeffrey Shotts
New Generation | Wang Ping, ed. |  by Tony Barnstone
Tales of Murasaki and Other Poems | Martine Bellen |  by Rikki Ducornet
The Star Spangled Banner | Denise Duhamel |  by William D. Waltz
The Gary Snyder Reader | Gary Snyder |  by Thomas Rain Crowe
Traveling Light | David Wagoner |  by Josie Rawson
The Waking Life | Amie Siegel |  by S. P. Healey
Lower 48 | Joel Dailey |  by Fred Schmalz
Edge of House | Dzvinia Orlowsky |  by Sarah Fox
An Alchemy in the Bones | William Reichard |  by Charisse Gendron
The Essential Basho | Matsuo Basho |  by Wayne Atherton


Jetlag Actus Tragicus |  by David Logan
Bread and Wine | Samuel R. Delany and Mia Wolff |  by Rudi Dornemann


Be Thou Now Persuaded | William Shakespeare | by Peter Kuyper

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