Rain Taxi not only provides reviews of thought-provoking literature, it seeks to contribute to the publishing of innovative and original works with two chapbook series, the Brainstorm Series and OHM Editions.

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Walkers in the City

If the pandemic has awakened a peripatetic impulse in you, you’re not alone. Walkers in the City, edited by poet Dennis Barone, invites the reader to do some urban ambling in cities large and small, here and abroad, real and imagined. Featuring poems by Julia Blumenreich, David Cappella, Julie Choffel, James Finnegan, Charles Fort, Eli […]

Can't Stop Won't Stop

A chapbook of poems by Black writers in the Twin Cities responding to the murder of George Floyd, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop contains riveting works that, in the words of editor Mary Moore Easter, “call for breath to fill a single set of lungs, and to sustain a whole people.” Featuring poems by Philip S. […]

Rehearsing the Symptoms

by Rosmarie Waldrop 33 pages, perfect bound. Limited edition of 150 copies.Published in March 2019. "The hand gets ready to write. Could we not call this manual labor? Or a stage in the Great Work of rendering the corporeal cat incorporeal while giving her body to the bodiless word? Even if it's from despairing of […]

Elizabeth Gregory

by Kevin Carollo Elizabeth Gregory is one of millions currently living with early onset Alzheimer’s dementia (EOAD), often referred to as “the long goodbye.” Elizabeth Gregory combs the inner space of every mom in search of radical humanity. Beatlemania is our compass. Dementia is our mothership. We say hello. 42 pp., 7" x 7", perfect […]

You Are A Complete Disappointment: A Triumphant Memoir of Failed Expectations

Mike Edison Sterling Publishing ($17.95) by Bridget Simpson The title of Mike Edison's newest memoir, You Are A Complete Disappointment: A Triumphant Memoir of Failed Expectations, is taken from some of the last words his father ever said to him; the very last, moments later, being "I can't believe someone as smart as you likes […]

Pieces of Sky

by J. Otis Powell‽ A jazzy mixture of prose and quintets sets this chapbook apart from the rest!< 26 pages, perfect bound $10 plus $2 S&H in the U.S. Shipping costs added for overseas shipping. Purchase now via Paypal Pieces of Sky peeks behind the curtain of a novel in progress titled Bottomless Sky by […]


Henri Droguet Translated from the French by Alexander Dickow Clatters is the first translation of Henri Droguet's poetry published in the United States. Here the original text appears alongside Alexander Dickow's exquisite translation, in a collection that is at once wonderfully cluttered and strikingly barren. As Dickow puts it in his Afterword, “Never, perhaps, has […]

Bridge: A Gathering

Poems by Steve Healey, Deborah Keenan, Jim Moore, Jude Nutter, Matt Rasmussen, Joyce Sutphen, and Katrina Vandenberg. Cover photo and internal photos by Vance Gellert. Bridge: A Gathering is published by Rain Taxi Review of Books in an edition of 500 copies on the fifth anniversary of the 35W Bridge collapse to accompany the commemorative […]

Police Story

by James Tate Twenty-one poems of small town life gone berserk from the Pulitzer-prize winning poet. 32 pp., saddle-stitched: Sorry, this chapbook is SOLD OUT. 26 copies were lettered and signed by the author and were accompanied by a handset broadside of an additional poem, "Torture." This special edition is SOLD OUT. Published in December […]