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Rehearsing the Symptoms

by Rosmarie Waldrop 33 pages, perfect bound. Limited edition of 150 copies.Published in March 2019. "The hand gets ready to write. Could we not call this manual labor? Or a stage in the Great Work of rendering the corporeal cat incorporeal while giving her body to the bodiless word? Even if it's from despairing of […]

The Meteor

by James Tate 44 pages, perfect boundletterpress cover printed in metallic silver and fireball red. Limited edition of 336 copies.Published April 2016 James Tate, who passed away in July 2015, left the world with unpublished work, and we are lucky enough to share these poems with you. In these nineteen never-before-published poems, Tate's genius is […]

Egyptian Sonnets

by John Yau 32 pp., saddle-stitchedEdition of 226 copiesPublished in March 2012. The twenty-four poems of Yau's Egyptian Sonnets journey through a night-time landscape populated by jackels, hippos, and fading moments of time, where "dust lips were all that remained." $10 plus $4 S&H in the U.S. Shipping costs added for overseas shipping. 26 copies are lettered […]

The Zoo Club

by James Tate 30 pp., perfect bound. Edition of 300 copies.Published in June 2011. The first rule of The Zoo Club is there is no zoo, except perhaps the zoo of life: llamas that aren’t there, exploding furnaces, the dreaming dead... in his inimitable fashion, James Tate’s new prose poems explore the strange synergies of life. This […]

Chapter 28

by Richard Hell 28 pp., saddle-stitched. Edition limited to 200 copies.Published in October 2010. A no-holds-barred, sexually explicit, alternate version of a chapter from Richard Hell's autobiography, I Dreamed I Was A Very Clean Tramp, this limited edition chapbook offers a conceptually complex meditation on the music-era sex life of one of punk's originators and […]

The Road To Camden

by Kees ’t Harttranslated from the Dutch by Frans Cateau van Rosevelt 36 pp., Perfect Bound. Edition limited to 200 copies.Published in October 2007. A meditation on a journey to Walt Whitman's home. $10 plus $4 S&H in the U.S. Shipping costs added for overseas shipping. 26 Hardcover (black boards with silver stamping) copies are […]