OHM Editions

The ohm is a measure of resistance.
“The poem must resist the intelligence / Almost successfully.”

Elizabeth Gregory

by Kevin Carollo Elizabeth Gregory is one of millions currently living with early onset Alzheimer’s dementia (EOAD), often referred to as “the long goodbye.” Elizabeth Gregory combs the inner space of every mom in search of radical humanity. Beatlemania is our compass. Dementia is our mothership. We say hello. 42 pp., 7" x 7", perfect […]


Henri Droguet Translated from the French by Alexander Dickow Clatters is the first translation of Henri Droguet's poetry published in the United States. Here the original text appears alongside Alexander Dickow's exquisite translation, in a collection that is at once wonderfully cluttered and strikingly barren. As Dickow puts it in his Afterword, “Never, perhaps, has […]


Jay Besemer A chance dream of Max Ernst and Jindrich Heisler leads to a pack of playing cards bearing a message; shuffled randomly, the message changes. Such is the experience of Object with Man’s Face, twenty-seven collage poems that beckon, question, challenge, and portend. Rain Taxi and the author invite you to add your own collage […]


Ron Padgett and Yu Jian A unique collaboration unites East and West. From the Preface by Ron Padgett: “In the summer of 2010, the Chinese poet Yu Jian and I took a cable car to near the top of Mount Mansfield (altitude 4,393 feet) in Vermont and wrote three poems together. Using a method similar […]


by Bei Dao A 23-poem sequence, Bei Dao's "Daydream" was written in 1986 and was among the haunting poems of despair that led the acclaimed Chinese poet to international renown. This riveting version, newly translated by Clayton Eshleman and Lucas Klein, was subsequently included in the duo's book Endure: Poems by Bei Dao (Black Widow Press, […]


by Nor Hall In verse and prose, Nor Hall's Traces imagines the life of a Catholic nun who travels through Europe during the war-torn 1940s. Nor Hall is a Jungian psychoanalyst, noted playwright, imaginal dramaturge, and conducts classes in initiation psychology for a variety of audiences: literary, Jungian, feminist, artistic, theological, and academic. Her publications include The Moon […]


by Ravi Shankar cover art by Sol LeWitt Tightly organized and orchestrated, these nut-like poems take a microscope to nature, opening it up then opening it further until the reader is lost amid rich minutia, among once-familiar objects now made strange. It’s the language itself that does the trick—Shankar has a marvelous way of getting […]


by Gary Sullivan Elsewhere #3 collects The New Life comics from Rain Taxi Review of Books, with an introduction by Rain Taxi editor, Eric Lorberer. 24pp, saddle-stitched, $4 includes S&H in the U.S. Shipping costs added for overseas shipping. purchase now Published in 2007.