Vol. 9, No.1, Spring 2004 (#33)

Barbara Guest, Stan Brakhage, Zakes Mda, Vicente Aleixandre, Dick Higgins, Gao Xingjian, Yasmina Khadra, and more...purchase now


John Kinsella: Peripheral Light | by Brian Henry
D. Nurkse: On Moral Complexity | by Daniela Gioseffi
Karen Joy Fowler: on The Jane Austen Book Club | by Gavin J. Grant


The Body Poetic: I've Gazed So Much by C. P. Cavafy and Art and Fear by Paul Virilio | by Kevin Carollo
Part of the Scene: The Prose of A. J. Liebling | by Rick Canning
Ian Tyson and the Tetrad Press | by Steve Clay


Widely Unavailable | August by Gerard Woodward | by Kelly Everding
Trial & Error | Three books on the Death Penalty | by Tricia Cornell
Kiss of Death by John Bessler
The Death Game by Mike Gray
...last meal by Jacquelyn C. Black 
The New Life | a comic by Gary Sullivan
Last Laugh | Spend Your Vacation at Poet-Land | by Louis Phillips



Please Pay Attention Please | Bruce Nauman | by Francis Raven
Monuments to the Lost Cause | Cynthia Mills and Pamela H. Simpson, eds. | by Lynnell Edwards
As Easy As Lying | H. L. Hix | by Neil Kozlowicz
The Letters of Robert Duncan and Denise Levertov 
Robert J. Bertholf and Albert Gelpi, eds. | by Brent Cunningham
After Theory | Terry Eagleton | by N. N. Hooker
True Notebooks | Mark Salzman | by Sarah Buttenwieser
A Rose For Mary | Casey Sherman | by Kris Lawson
Thank You For Not Reading  | Dubravka Ugresic | by Catherine Kasper
Proof | Martin Springborg | by Mark Wojahn
Quizzical Eye | Rondal Partidge | by Stacy Brix
Shadowplay . . . Eterniday | Joseph Cornell | by Allison Slavick
The Mediterranean in History | David Abulafia, ed. | by John Toren
Mencken's America | H. L. Mencken | by Thomas Haley
These United States | John Leonard, ed. | by Hans Weyandt
Judge Not | André Gide | by Laird Hunt
Awakenings | Gabriel Marcel | by Cindra Halm
David, Goliath, and the Beach Cleaning Machine | Barbara Wolcott | by Eliza Murphy
Beluga Days | Nancy Lord | by N. N. Hooker


Sarajevo Marlboro | Miljenko Jergović | by Lucas Klein
The Good Doctor | Damon Galgut | by Christopher J. Lee
By Night in Chile | Roberto Bolaño | by Daniel Borzutzky
Voice of the Fire  | Alan Moore | by Rudi Dornemann
Three Novellas | Thomas Bernhard | by Daniel Borzutzky
Bandbox | Thomas Mallon | by Scott Esposito
No One Will See Me Cry | Cristina Rivera-Garza | by Jay Miskowiec
Hash | Torgny Lindgren | by Susann Cokal
Headles  | Benjamin Weissman | by Mark Sorkin
One Foot in Eden | Ron Rash | by Alex Starace
The Vox Populi Street Stories | Dallas Wiebe | by Paul Tiessen
The Blond Box | Toby Olson | by Scott Bryan Wilson
I Never Did Tell You Did I? | Susan Smith Nash | by Carolyn Kuebler
How To Breathe Underwater | Julie Orringer | by Michelle Reale
Hideous Beauties | Lance Olsen | by Ryan Smith
Monstrosity | Jeffrey Thomas | by Alan DeNiro
Quicksilve  | Neal Stephenson | by Rudi Dornemann
The Salt Roads | Nalo Hopkinson | by Kristin Thiel


Into Stillness  | Cheryl Pallant | by Cindra Halm
Rhythm & Booze  | Julie Kane | by Charisse Gendron
Metamorphoses  | Ovid | by Sarah McCarthy
Borders My Bent Toward  | George Kalamaras | by Andrew Joron
Cuttings from the Garden of Little Fears  | Lisa Bourbeau
Echoes of Memory  | Lucio Mariani | by Robert Zaller
A Painted Elephant  | Jill Hartman | by Jefferson Hansen
Poker  | Tomaž Šalamun | by John Bradley
The Book of Motion  | Tung-Hui Hu | by Mark Tursi
Serious Pink  | Sharon Dolin | by Nathan Greenwood Thompson
Reported Missing  | Lewis Warsh | by Mark Terrill
Granted  | Mary Szybist | by Amy Schroeder
Wild Civility  | David Biespiel | by Joseph P. Wood
Structures of Feeling  | Hung Q. Tu | by Sun Yung Shin
Somebody Blew Up America  | Amiri Baraka | by Christopher Luna


Winsor McCay: Early Works  | Winsor McCay | by Stepan Chapman
Mother, Come Home  | Paul Hornschemeier | by Jennifer Przybylski

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