Vol. 7, No.4, Winter 2002 (#28)

Jonathan Carroll, Carol Emshwiller, Nathaniel Mackey, Tristan Tzara, and more...purchase now


Sam Hamill | by Justin Maxwell
Jonathan Carroll | by Alan DeNiro and Kelly Everding
Susan Howe | by Grant Jenkins


The Mind-Bending Fiction of Carol Emshwiller | by Kevin Carollo
"With The Horn of Your Choice" the work of Nathaniel Mackey | by Nick Moudry
The Obsessive Force: Tristan Tzara's Surrealist Activity | by Jay Besemer


Trial & Error | Prophets Without Honor by William M. Strabala and Michael J. Palecek | by Peter Ritter
The New Life | comic by Gary Sullivan
The Last Laugh | humor by Louis Phillips



Separate Parts | Martha King | by John Olson
Writings | Vilém Flusser | by Daniel Sumrall
The Gatekeeper | Terry Eagleton | by Brian Charles Clark
The Ghost in the Universe | Taner Edis | by H. E. Everding
What is Ancient Philosophy?  | Pierre Hadot | by John Toren
Why Orwell Matters | Christopher Hitchens | by Paul McLeary
Linked | Albert-László Barabási | by N. N. Hooker
Breaking Open the Head  | Daniel Pinchbeck | by Steven Beeber
Street With No Name  | Andrew Dickos | by Brian K. Bergen-Aurand
The Rush For Second Place  | William Gaddis | by Vincent Czyz
Jazz Modernism | Alfred Appel, Jr. | by Christopher Luna
Vectors  | James Richardson | by Hank Lazer
Ascending Peculiarity: Edward Gorey on Edward Gorey  | edited by Karen Wilkin | by David Cozy


Alfred and Guinevere | James Schuyler | by Philip Routh
The Human Country | Harry Mathews | by Gregory Farnum
The Circus of Dr. Lao | Charles G. Finney | by Thomas Wiloch
Spare Parts Plus Two | Gail Scott | by Charisse Gendron
Big If | Mark Costello | by Stephen E. Abbott
The Wished-For Country | Wayne Karlin | by Kris Lawson
Seed | Mustafa Mutabaruka | by Kevin Carollo
Between Two Deserts | Germaine Shames | by Lisa Schechtman
The Double | Greg Boyd | by Anitra Budd
Liam's Going  | Michael Joyce | by Rudi Dornemann
Stories of Your Life and Others | Ted Chiang | by Jeremy Smith
Homecoming  | Natasha Radojcic-Kane | by Kevin Carollo
Stories in the Worst Way | Gary Lutz | by Catherine Kaspar
Down to a Soundless Sea | Thomas Steinbeck | by Jonathan Shipley
Lofting | Alma Marceau | by Corwin Ericson


Six Girls Without Pants | Paisley Rekdal | by Julie Drake
Arcady | Donald Revell | by Dan Beachy-Quick
Me With Towering Animal | Albert Mobilio | by Mark Tursi
Frozen Spring  | Margo Stever | by David Lenson
In Solitary | Lynne Sharon Schwartz | by Daniela Gioseffi
India Poem | India Radfar | by Juliana Spahr
The Laugh We Make When We Fall | Susan Firer | by Cindra Halm
Egypt | Dawn Michelle Baude | by Rebecca Weaver
Stream of Tongues | Gearóid Mac Lochlainn | by Thomas Rain Crowe
Ogress Oblige  | Dorothy Trujillo Lusk | by rob mclennan
A Girl's Life | Johanna Drucker & Susan Bee | by Corinne Robins
Irons in the Fire | Nor Hall | by Christopher Fischbach
Praeder's Letters | James Baker Hall | by Lynnell Edwards
Selected Poems: 1950-2000 | Nathaniel Tarn | by Dale Smith


The League of Extraordinary Gentleman Alan Moore & Kevin O'Neill | by Stepan Chapman
Blood Song Eric Drooker | by Eric Lorberer
Louis: The Clown's Last Words Metaphrog | by David Kennedy Logan
Three Fingers Rich Koslowski | by Natalie Polano


Autopilot Carsten Nicolai | by Rod Smith
Two Plays For Voices Neil Gaiman | by John Eisler

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