Vol. 8, No.1, Spring 2003 (#29)

Andrew Vachss, Margaret Randall, Jonathan Williams, Henry Cowell, Bogomil Gjuzel, Mahmoud Darwish, and more...purchase now


Andrew Vachss | by S. Clayton Moore
Margaret Randall | by Jules Nyquist
Jonathan Williams | by Jeffery Beam


Hard Times in Modern Times: photography by David Parker and Bernd & Hilla Becher | by Mark Nowak
Bohemian Rhapsody: The Music and World of Henry Cowell | by Rod Smith
The Poetics of Exile: Bogomil Gjuzel & Mahmoud Darwish | by Kevin Carollo


Trial & Error | Alcatraz Screw by George H. Gregory | by Joel Turnipseed



The Family Album of Lucybelle Crater  | Ralph Eugene Meatyard | by Brett Eugene Ralph
The New Rulers of the World  | John Pilger | by Darv Johnson
Mapping Mars  | Oliver Morton | by Ryder W. Miller
Strange Matters  | Tom Siegfried | by Kim Fortier
The River In Winter  | Stanley Crawford | by Allison Slavick
Improbable Journeys  | Robin Magowan | by Thomas Haley
Urban Injustice  | David Hilfiker | by Bonnie Blader
War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning  | Chris Hedges | by Mark Sorkin
Another Day At The Front  | Ishmael Reed | by Christopher Luna
Stamp Album  | Andrei Sergeev | by Christopher Mattison
The Greenwich Village Reader  | June Skinner Sawyers, ed. | by Richard Kostelanetz
Darkroom  | Jill Christman | by Felicia Parsons
Early Morning  | Kim Stafford | by Lynnell Edwards
Captain Beefheart  | Mike Barnes | by Steven Lee Beeber
Mountain Upside Down  | John Toren | by Thomas Haley
Nonrequired Reading  | Wislawa Szymborska | by Doug Nufer
G-Strings and Sympathy  | Katherine Frank | by Meleah Maynard


The White Trilogy | Ken Bruen | by Stephen E. Abbott
Feed | M. T. Anderson | by Gregory Farnum
The Interpreter | Suki Kim | by Pedro Ponce
This Is Not It | Lynne Tillman | by Matt Dube
A Private Sorcery | Lisa Gornick | by Alicia L. Conroy
Dark Property | Brian Evenson | by Forrest Aguirre
Clara  | Janice Galloway | by Rebecca Weaver
Instead of Confusion | Stephen-Paul Martin | by Jeff Hansen
Cistern Tawdry | Eckhard Gerdes | by Steve Tomasula
Miniatures | Norah Labiner | by Cindra Halm
Eyesores | Eric Shade | by William M. Bush
Sweet Fire | Pat MacEnulty | by Keith Abbott
The Commissariate of Enlightenment | Ken Kalfus | by Trey Strecker
Verses of Forgiveness | Myriam Antaki | by Adrian Lucia
The Anchor Book of Modern African Stories | Nadezda Obradovic, ed. | by Rudi Dornemann
Where Europe Begins | Yoko Tawada | by Vincent Czyz
In The Electric Eden | Nick Arvin | by Alan Tinkler
The Devil and Daniel Silverman | Theodore Roszak | by Kyla Jones
Schilling | Terrell Guillory | by Xavier Ximenez
Goodnight, Nobody | Michael Knight | by Mark Sorkin
Beat Until Stiff | Claire M. Johnson | by Kris Lawson
The End of Free Love | Susan Steinberg | by Alan Tinkler


Figures and Figurations | Octavio Paz & Marie Jose Paz Breeze John Latta | by Harriet Zinnes
Breeze | John Latta | by Aaron McCollough
Million Poems Journal | Jordan Davis | by Nick Moudry
The Real Moon of Poetry | Tina Brown Celona | by Susie Meserve
Door to Door | Robert Thomas | by Arielle Greenberg
Red Car Goes By | Jack Collom | by Michael Price
As in T As in Tether | David Bromige | by John Olson
Muse | Susan Aizenberg | by Mark Pietrzykowski
The Lobe | Lytle Shaw | by Jeffrey Jullich
The Mother Journal | Susan Cataldo | by Cliff Fyman
A Defense of Poetry | Gabriel Gudding | by Fred Muratori
Rules of the House | Tsering Wangmo Dhompa | by Dan Featherston
Kingdom of the Instant | Rodney Jones | by Will Clemens
Please | Edwin Torres | by Christopher Martin
Houdini | Muriel Rukeyser | by Justin Maxwell
Emma | Howard Zinn | by Peter Ritter


Frightful Fairy Tales | Dame Darcy | by Steven Moore
The House At Maakies Corner | Tony Millionaire | by Stepan Chapman
The Comics Since 1945 | Brian Walker | by Eric Lorberer
The Yellow Jar | Patrick Atangan | by Stepan Chapman
Carl Barks: Conversations | Donald Ault, ed. | by Thomas Wiloch

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