Vol. 6, No.4, Winter 2001 (#24)

Philip Pullman, Richard Hell, Joanne Kyger, Steve McCaffery, Beat Roundup, and more...purchase now


Joanne Kyger | by Chris McCreary
Richard Hell | by Eric Lorberer


The Beat Goes On: A round-up of Beat Books | by Steven Moore
Philip Pullman: His Dark Materials | by Stephen Burt
Steve McCaffery: Poet and Critic | by Brian Kim Stefans


The New Life | a comic by Gary Sullivan
Trial & Error | Comfort Woman Speak edited by Sangmie Choi Schellstede | by Josie Rawson
The Last Laugh | humor by Louis Phillips



Romancer Erector | Diane Williams | by Laura Sims
The Binding Vine | Sashi Deshpande | by Susan Muaddi Darraj
On Wooden Tablets: Apronenia Avitia | Pascal Quignard | by Marc Lowenthal
The Savage Girl | Alex Shakar | by Julie Madson
Ella Minnow Pea  | Mark Dunn | by Chris Fischbach
Da Word  | Lee A. Tonouchi | by Maria Damon
Three To See The King | Magnus Mills | by Corwin Ericson
Erasure and Grand Canyon, Inc. | Percival Everett | by Brian Evenson
Arresting God In Kathmandu | Samrat Upadhyay | by Adrian Lucia
I Am Om | Veena Damle | by Michelle Reale
Drowning In Fire | Craig S. Womack | by Thomas Fagan
Niagara Falls All Over Again | Elizabeth McCracken | by Rumaan Alam
The Blue Guide To Indiana | Michael Martone | by Kevin Carollo
Bloodlines | Fred D'Aguiar | by Brian Evenson
The Best Known Man In The World | Daniel Pearlman | by Alan DeNiro
A Larger Sense Of Harvey | Dimitri Anastasopoulos | by Vincent Czyz
The Fantasic Ordinary World Of Lutz Rathenow | Lutz Rathenow | by Justin Maxwell
Distance No Object | Gloria Frym | by Keith Abbott


San Francisco Beat | David Meltzer, ed. | by Thomas Rain Crowe
The Wild West Wind: remembering allen ginsberg | Susan Edwards | by John Olson
The Aztec Treasure House | Evan S. Connell | by Thomas Wiloch
Torso | Steven Nickel | by Kris Lawson
Mammoth | Robert Stone | by Nicole Duclos
The Evening Crowd At Kirmser's | Ricardo J. Brown | by Brad Jacobson
Shoes Outside The Door | Michael Downing | by Charisse Gendron
Sizzling Chops And Devilish Spins | Jerome Charyn | by Carrie Mercer
The Author Of Himself | Marcel Reich-Ranicki | by Elaine Margolin
Modern Pagans | V. Vale & John Sulak | by Christopher Luna
Jay's Journal Of Anomalies | Ricky Jay | by C.K. Hubbuch
The Donald Richie Reader | Arturo Silva, ed. | by Eve Kushner
Borrowed Finery | Paula Fox | by Barbara Riley
Happening | Annie Ernaux | by Carolyn Kuebler
Cold Snap As Yearning | Robert Vivian | by Rebecca Weaver
Listening To Reading | Stephen Ratcliffe | by Dawn Michelle Baude
Spin Cycle | Chris Stroffolino | by Aaron Benjamin Kunin


Luca: discourse on life and death | Rochelle Owens | by Susan Smith Nash
Everlasting Quail | Sam Witt | by G.E. Patterson
Circassian Girl | Michelle Mitchell-Foust | by Daniel Sumrall
The Selected Poetry Of Robinson Jeffers | Tim Hunt, ed. | by Brett Ralph
Posthumous Diary | Eugenio Montale | by Steve Healey
The Autochthon Poems | Simon Perchik | by Mark Terrill
Zoop | Carol Szamatowicz | by John Olson
Antebellum Dream Book | Elizabeth Alexander | by Gabrielle Civil
Approaching The Center | Myronn Hardy | by Susie Meserve
Eunoia | Christian Bök | by Doug Nufer
Why The Ships Are She | Terri Ford | by Janet McCann
Twice Removed | Ralph Angel | by Dobby Gibson
Fly-Over States Of Mind | Susan Smith Nash | by Dallas Wiebe
Homeless At Home | Gloria Frym | by Keith Abbott


Spy Vs. Spy | Antonio Prohias | by Rudi Dornemann
Box Office Poison | Alex Robinson | by John Eisler
The Golem's Mighty Swing | James Sturm | by John Eisler
Odds Off | Matt Madden | by John Eisler

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