Vol. 7, No.1, Spring 2002 (#25)

Charles Bernstein, Paul West, W. G. Sebald, New York School Poets, and more...purchase now


Charles Bernstein | by Jeff Hansen
Paul West | by Vincent Czyz


Aimé Césaire: Notebook of a Return to the Native Land | by John Olson
The Great Tzotzil Dictionary of San Lorenzo Zinacantán | Essay by Doug Nufer
W. G. Sebald 1944-2001: An Emigrant Remembered | Essay by Laird Hunt
Lewis Warsh: The Origin of the World & Touch of the Whip | by Peter Bushyeager


The New Life | comic by Gary Sullivan
Trial & Error | Inside Apartheid's Prison by Raymond Suttner | by Kevin Carollo
The Last Laugh | humor by Louis Phillips



The Complexities Of Intimacy | Mary Caponegro | by Mark Doten
The School For Atheists | Arno Schmidt | by Steven Moore
Notable American Women | Ben Marcus | by Lance Olsen
Summer in Baden-Baden | Leonid Tsypkin | by Tricia Cornell
Déjà vu And The Phone Sex Queen | Michael McIrvin | by Tim Brown
The Gourmet Club | Jun'ichiro Tanizaki | by Jason Picone
Samuel Johnson Is Indignant | Lydia Davis | by Carolyn Kuebler
My Mother's Island | Marnie Mueller | by Amy Havel
3 To Kill | Jean-Patrick Manchette | by James Sallis
In Pursuit Of A Vanishing Star | Gustaf Sobin | by Chris McCreary
A Cold Spring | Edra Ziesk | by Amy Havel
Parzival And The Stone From Heaven | Lindsay Clarke | by Kris Lawson
Insect Dreams  | Marc Estrin | by Alan DeNiro
Crawling At Night | Nani Power | by Steve Healey
The Bathhouse | Farnoosh Moshiri | by Michelle Reale
The Complete Tales Of Ketzia Gold | Kate Bernheimer | by Adriana Grant
The Yellow Sailor  | Steve Weiner | by Stacey Levine


Essential Brakhage | Stan Brakhage | by Arielle Greenberg
My Business Is Circumference | Stephen Berg, ed. | by Kim Fortier
Wild Earth | Tom Butler, ed. | by Meleah Maynard
Selkirk's Island | Diana Souhami | by Carrie Mercer
Wittgenstein's Poker | David Edmonds and John Eidinow | by M. J. Fitzgerald
Imaging Her Erotics | Carolee Schneemann | by Carolyn Kuebler
The Architect's Brother | Robert ParkeHarrison | by Kelly Everding
Privileged Moments | Jeffrey Meyers | by Richard Kostelanetz
The Tramp In America | Tim Cresswell | by Peter Ritter
The Tribe | Jean-Michel Mension | by Tosh Berman
The Scene Of My Selves | Terence Diggory and Stephen Paul Miller, eds. | by Robert Baker
Jerusalem Calling | Joel Schalit | by Christopher Luna
A Gathering Of Fugitives | Diana Anhalt | by Jay Miskowiec
Considerations On The Assassination of Gérard Lebovici | Guy Debord | by Marc Lowenthal
Modern American Queer History | Allida M. Black, ed. | by Charisse Gendron
The Erotomaniac | Ian Gibson | by Thomas Wiloch


Autobiography Of So-And-So | Maurice Kilwein Guevara | by John Bradley
The Keep | Emily Wilson | by Aaron McCollough
Walking With the Wind | Abbas Kiarostami | by Jack Granath
Something I Expected To Be Different | Joshua Beckman | by Max Winter
Standing Naked | Jim Heynan | by Ken Rumble
My Favorite Apocalypse | Catie Rosemurgy | by Arielle Greenberg
Torn Awake | Forrest Gander | by Kim Fortier
The Angel Hair Anthology | Anne Waldman and Lewis Warsh, eds. | by Mark Terrill
Hymns Of St. Bridget & Other Writings | Bill Berkson and Frank O'Hara | by Chris Fischbach
As Umbrellas Follow Rain | John Ashbery | by Eric Lorberer
Notes On The Possibilities And Attractions of Existence, Selected Poems 1965­2000 & rue Wilson Monday | Anselm Hollo | by Greogory Farnum
A Purchase In The White Botanica | Piero Heliczer | by Larry Sawyer
The Love Suicides At Sonezaki | Siri von Reis | by Catherine Daly
Poems From The Akashic Record | Ira Cohen | by Jason Weiss
The World's Tallest Disaster | Cate Marvin | by John Erhardt
Small Gods Of Grief  | Laure-Ann Bosselaar | by Daniel Sumrall


Atlantis And Other New York Tales | Samuel R. Delany | by David Cozy


Artists Respond to 9-11 | by John Eisler
9-11 Emergency Relief
9-11 Artists Respond
9-11 World's Finest Comic Book Writers and Artists Tell Stories To Remember

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