Vol. 10, No.2, Summer 2005 (#38)

Bob Hicok, Philip Lamantia, William T. Vollman, and more... purchase now


Bob Hicok: I'm dropping a mouth as we speak interviewed by Weston Cutter
Philip Lamantia: Shaman of the Surreal interviewed by Thomas Rain Crowe
William T. Vollmann: Art and Freedom in Time of War interviewed by Andrew Ervin


Trial & Error: Beyond Desert Walls | Ken Lamberton | by Scott Esposito
Rediscovering Laura (Riding) Jackson | by Lynnell Edwards
The New Life: a comic | by Gary Sullivan
Second Thoughts: Chick Lit Meets Prick Lit | by Kathryn Trueblood



A World Without Time  | Palle Yourgrau | by James Ervin
If This Be Treason  | Gregory Rabassa | by Lucas Klein
Poe  | James M. Hutchisson | by Peter Ritter
Beauford Delaney  | Patricia Sue Canterbury | by Susan Buechler
A Sculptor's World  | Isamu Noguchi | by Stephen Mohring
Outlaws, Rebels, Freethinkers & Pirates  | Bob Levin | by Gary Sullivan
Chris Marker  | Catherine Lupton | by James Ervin
American Hydrant  | Sean Crane | by Dan Pettito
Essential Deren  | Bruce R. McPherson, ed. | by Rebecca Weaver
Science and the Akashic Field  | Ervin Laszlo | by Carrie Mercer
Jonathan Edwards  | Philip F. Gura | by Andrea Knutson
People Who Don't Know They're Dead  | Gary Leon Hill | by Kelly Everding
The Face of A Naked Lady  | Michael Rips | by Allan Vorda
A Hacker Manifesto  | McKenzie Wark | by Peter Ritter
The Hopes of Snakes  | Lisa Couturier | by Charisse Gendron


Motorman & The Age of Sinatra  | David Ohle | by Martin Riker
Home Land  | Sam Lipsyte | by Deron Ponce
The First Desire  | Nancy Reisman | by David Ploskonka
My Life in CIA  | Harry Mathews | by Trey Strecker
Other Electricities  | Ander Monson | by Neil Kozlowicz
Bernardo and the Virgin  | Silvio Sirias | by Kristin Thiel
Last Call  | K. L. Cook | by Dustin Michael
Telegrams of the Soul  | Peter Altenberg | by Thomas Wiloch
Lunar Follies  | Gilbert Sorrentino | by Andrew Palmer
Nastybook  | Barry Yourgrau | by Carrie Mercer
Boy Proof  | Cecil Castellucci | by Alan DeNiro
The Witch's Boy  | Michael Gruber | by Kelly Everding
The Old Country  | Mordicai Gerstein | by Kris Lawson
Shackelton's Stowaway  | Victoria McKernan | by Carrie Merver
Palms to the Ground  | Amy Stolls | by Cindra Halm
Public Works  | Neil Hagerty | by Adam Hall
The Body Parts Shop  | Lynda Schor | by Alex Starace
Queen Cocaine  | Nuria Amat | by Kristin Thiel
Our Napoleon In Rags  | Kirby Gann | by Scott Bryan Wilson
The Genizah at the House of Shepher  | Tamar Yellin | by Matthew Cheney
A World For Julius  | Bryce Echenique | by Jay Miskowiec
In the Palace of Repose  | Holly Phillips | by Rudi Dornermann


Refusing Heaven  | Jack Gilbert | by Robert Zaller
Incarnate: Story Material | Thalia Field | by Francis Raven
Often Capital  | Jennifer Moxley | by Joyelle McSweeney
Beloved Infidel & Elegy on a Toy Piano | Dean Young | by Jean-Paul Pecqueur
This Is How It Goes  | Neil LaBute | by Jessica Bennett
I Never Knew What Time It Was | David Antin | by Raphael C. Allison
Oxbow Kazoo  | John Olson | by Noah Eli Gordon
Rhinoceros  | Kevin Ducey | by Michael J. Opperman
The Babies | Sabrina Orah Mark | by John Bradley
Indigo Bunting | Bernadette Mayer | by Valerie Valentine
Mystery, So Long  | Stephen Dobyns | by Eric Magnuson
Lilyfoil + 3 & Chantry | Elizabeth Treadwel | by Joyelle McSweeney
Poems and Prose | Georg Trakl | by Justin Maxwell


Paul Moves Out  | Michel Rabagliati | by Thomas Haley
Epileptic  | David B. | by Todd Robert Petersen
Baraka and Black Magic In Morocco  | Rick Smith | by John F. Barber
Writers on Comics Scriptwriting 2  | Tom Root & Andrew Kardon | by Dan Pettito

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