Vol. 10, No.3, Fall 2005 (#39)

Bob Perelman, Harryette Mullen, Louise Fitzhugh, and more... purchase now


Bob Perelman: Poetry and Play | interviewed by Adam Fieled
Harryette Mullen: Feeding the Gods | interviewed by Grant Jenkins


The Bossy Little Girl: Louise Fitzhugh's Harriet the Spy | essay by Aaron Kunin
Second Thoughts: "Review" | by Michael Martone
The New Life: a comic | by Gary Sullivan
The Last Laugh: Republicans and Erectile Dysfunction | by Ted Pelton


The Transparent Body | José van Dijck | by Diane Mullin
Eakins Revealed  | Henry Adams | by Ann Klefstad
Through the Lens of the City | Mark Rice | by Brynnar Swenson
Self Portrait With Cows Going Home | Sylvia Plachy | by Mark Wojahn
To Think With The Body: an essay on Memorials | by Jakki Spicer
Scully: Body of Light | Brian P. Kennedy, et al. | by Thomas O'Sullivan



Magic for Beginners | Kelly Link | by Laird Hunt
The Painting | Nina Schuyler | by Daniela Hurezanu
A Day, A Night, Another Day, Summer | Christine Schutt | by Jules Nyquist
Black Juice | Margo Lanagan | by Jedediah Berry
Sniper | Pavel Hak | by Kevin Carollo
ScriptGenerator | Philippe Vasset | by Kevin Carollo
Welcome to Havana, Señor Hemingway | Alfredo José Estrada | by Kristen Thiel
Choir Boy | Charlie Anders | by Tim Brown
Blinding Light | Paul Theroux | by Allan Vorda
Someone Else  and Holy Smoke | Tonino Benacquista | by Jessica Bennett
Eighty-Sixed | Brian Ames | by Justin Maxwell
Childhood at Oriol Michael Burn | by Andrea Steven
The Brief and Frightening Reign of Phil | George Saunders | by Kelly Everding
Calling | Joe Samuel Starnes | by Tim Brown
Lies | William Hoffman | by Kevin Grauke
Trance  | Christopher Sorrentino | by Scott Bryan Wilson


Material Witness: the selected letters of Fairfield Porter | Ted Leigh, ed. | by Dobby Gibson
Mucha | Sarah Mucha, ed. | by Ramona Szczerba
In A Queer Place and Time | Judith Halberstam | by Rebecca Weaver
Shooting From The Hip | Patricia Vettel-Becker | by Brian Bergen-Aurand
The Cradle of Humanity | Georges Bataille | by Clayton Eshelman
Civil Disobediences | Anne Waldman & Lisa Birman, eds. | by Mark Terrill
History, Passion, Freedom, Death, and Hope | Kelly Cherry | by Lynnell Edwards
Cinema | Jean-Luc Godard & Youssef Ishaghpour | by Nick Moudry
Biting the Error | Camille Roy & Gail Scott | by Thomas Haley
Coming After | Alice Notley | by Becky Rosen
The Bomb | Gerard J. DeGroot | by Robert Zaller
At Day's Close | A. Roger Ekirch | by Rachel Kushner
The New World Disorder | Tzvetan Todorov | by Spencer Dew
The War Complex | Marianna Torgovnick | by James Ervin
Machete Season | Jean Hatzfeld | by Michael Foreman


Baby | Carla Harryman | by Stephen Burt
Company of Moths | Michael Palmer | by Chris McCreary
Part of the Design | Laura Wright | by Kass Fleisher
Dark Brandon | Brandon Downing | by Joyelle McSweeney
The Paris Poems | Sudie Nostrand | by Michael Lindgren
This Connection of Everyone With Lungs | Juliana Spahr | by Erik Anderson
Return to the City of White Donkeys | James Tate | by Julie Babcock


The Wobblies! | Paul Buhle & Nicle Schulman, Eds. | by Eric Lorberer
Addicted to War | Joel Andreas | by Dan Pettito
The R. Crumb Handbook | R. Crumb & Peter Poplaski | by Patrick Shay

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