Volume 27, Number 4, Winter 2022 (#108)

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Dara Barrois/Dixon: Poetry is Elemental  |  interviewed by Lesle Lewis
Carl Watson: Relentlessly Culpable  |   interviewed by Jim Feast


Of Shapes and Shifting: The Fiction of Pauline Melville  |  by Alicia L. Conroy
The New Life  |  a comic by Gary Sullivan
Susan Lewis’s Sublimations  |  by Kurt Kimmelman

Plus: cover art by Roger Williamson


A Deeper Sickness: Journal of America in the Pandemic Year   |  Margaret Peacock & Erik L. Peterson |  by Paul Phelps
Conversations with Diane di Prima  |  David Stephen Calonne, ed. |  by Patrick James Dunagan
Also A Poet: Frank O’Hara, My Father, and Me  |  Ada Calhoun  |  by Kirby Olson
Aurelia, Aurélia  |  Kathryn Davis  |  by Simon Lowe
On The Ledge: A Memoir  |  Amy Turner  |  by Eleanor J. Bader
Woody Guthrie: An Intimate Life  |  Gustavus Stadler  |  by Robbie Orr


Clandestinity  |  Antonio Moresco  |  by Zoe Berkovitz
Saint Sebastian’s Abyss  |  Mark Haber  |  by Henry Hietalia
Red and Black: A Chronicle of 1830  |  Stendhal  |  by Kevin Brown
Blood Trip  |  Jesse Hilson  |  by Kirby Olson
Blithedale Canyon  |  Michael Bourne  |  by Michael Ward
Ross Hall  |  Andrew Key  |  by Aidan Watson-Morris
The Anchored World: Flash Fairy Tales and Folklore  |  Jasmine Sawers  |  by Rachel Swearingen


Lightning Falls in Love  |  Laura Kasischke  |  by Weiji Wang
Gary Snyder: Collected Poems  |  Gary Snyder  |  Patrick James Dunagan
You Can Be the Last Leaf  |  Maya Abu Al-Hayyat  |  by John Bradley
The Quotient of Myself Divided by My Self  |  Miles A. Coon  |  by George Longenecker
Haunted by the Living Fed by the Dead  |  Giorgia Pavlidou  |  by Joe Safdie
Defying Extinction  |  Amy Barone  |  by Greg Bem


Ducks   |  Kate Beaton  |  by Jeff Alford

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