Volume 26, Number 4, 2021-2022 (#104)

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Zhanna Slor: Immigrant Story | interviewed by Melanie Conroy-Goldman
Lincoln Michel: Unrelenting Debt | interviewed by Gavin Pate
Diane Lefer: Her Interest Makes Her a Suspect | interviewed by Tatiana Ryckman
Kaveh Akbar: Scraps of Language | interviewed by Courtney Becks


The Blurb Artist | essay by Dennis Barone
The New Life | a comic by Gary Sullivan
Neeli Cherkovski: A Profile | by Zack Kopp


Cover art Eyenga Bokamba


Preparatory Notes for Future Masterpieces | Maceo Montoya | by Daniel M. Mendoza
Antiquities | Cynthia Ozick | by David Wiley
October Child | Linda Boström Knausgård | by Chris Via
A Shock | Keith Ridgway | by Zack Kopp
In The Aftermath | Jane Ward | by Eleanor J. Bader
The Plot | Jean Hanff Korelitz | by George Longenecker
Drifter | David Leo Rice | by David Peak


Dweller in the Shadows: A Life of Ivor Gurney | Kate Kennedy | by Walter Holland
Sound Like Trapped Thunder | Jessica Lind Peterson | by India Smith
Otter | Daniel Allen | by Patrick James Dunagan
Animals | Hebe Uhart | by Rose Bialer
Promiscuously Read: Reading as a Way of Life | Heather Cass White | by Chris Via
Dear Memory: Letters on Writing, Silence, and Grief | Victoria Chang | by Scott F. Parker


Collected Poems | Sonia Sanchez | by Christopher Luna
Witness 2017-2020 | Hilton Obenzinger | by Paul Buhle
The Pact | Jennifer Militello | by John Bradley
Tide Tables and Tea with God | Cassondra Windwalker | by Greg Bem
The Life | Carrie Fountain | by Dobby Gibson
Party Everywhere | Jeffrey Cyphers Wright | by Greg Bem
The Wild Fox of Yemen | Threa Almontaser | by Tara Ballard
Consciousness | Martin Nakell | by Evan Burkin
A Bell Curve is a Pregnant Straight Line | Vi Khi Nao | by Greg Bem


My Begging Chart | Keiler Roberts | by Annie Harvieux