Volume 20, Number 1 Spring 2015 (#77)

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Joanna Fuhrman: The Year of Yellow Butterflies | interviewed by Susan Lewis
Alison Hawthorne Deming: On Extinction, Loss, and Survival | interviewed by Victoria Blanco


Literary Twin Cities | by Andy Sturdevant
Ten Things You’ll Need to Survive AWP | by William Stobb
Twelve Tips for Navigating AWP | by Kathryn Kysar
MSP Welcomes AWP

mnartists presents Molly Sutton Kiefer | by Lightsey Darst
The New Life | by Gary Sullivan


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Cover art by Mary Schaubschlager


Sonnets | Bernadette Mayer | by Christopher Luna
I Am Going to Fly Through Glass | Harold Norse | by Valery Oisteanu
Poems Descriptive of Rural Life and Scenery | Tim Earley | by Amy Young
A Poet Drives a Truck | Lowell A. Levant, et. al | by Heidi Czerwiec
The New Testament | Jericho Brown | by Adam Tavel
Songs from the Astral Bestiary | Tiff Dressen | by Rachel Moritz
Privacy Policy | Andrew Ridker, ed. | by John Bradley
Broken Hierarchies | Geoffrey Hill | by Adam Tavel
Collected Poems of James Laughlin | James Laughlin | by Patrick James Dunagan


No Other | Mark Gluth | by Casey Michael Henry
Dora Bruder | Patrick Modiano | by Jesse Freedman
By The Book | Diane Schoemperlen | by Benjamin Woodard
All My Puny Sorrows | Miriam Toews | by Lindsay Gail Gibson
Preparation for the Next Life | Atticus Lish | by Robert M. Detman
With My Dog-Eyes | Hilda Hilst | by Caroline Wilkinson
The Ruins | Rafael Reyes-Ruiz | by Lori Feathers
The Trace | Forrest Gander | by Michelle Lancaster
Song of the Shank | Jeffery Renard Allen | by Garin Cycholl


The Man Next Door | Masahiko Matsumoto | by Jeff Alford
Here | Richard McGuire | by Steve Matuszak
American Grotesque: The Life & Art of William Mortensen | Larry Lytle & Michael Moynihan, eds. | by Kelsey Iving Beson


Please Add to This | Bernadette Mayer | by Christopher Luna
Gay Berlin: Birthplace of Modern Identity | Robert Beachy | by Douglas Messerli
A Higher Form of Politics | Sophie Rachmuhl | by Dennis Barone
A Deadly Wandering: A Tale of Tragedy and Redemption in the Age of Attention | Matt Richtel | by Robert Rosenberger
Loitering | Charles D’Ambrosio | by Josh Cook
The Command to Look: A Master Photographer’s Method for Controlling the Human Gaze | William Mortensen | by Kelsey Irving Beson
Limber | Angela Pelster | by Renée E. D’Aoust
“Literchoor is My Beat”: A Life of James Laughlin, Publisher of New Directions | Ian S. MacNiven | by Patrick James Dunagan

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