Vol. 9, No.2, Summer 2004 (#34)

Barbara Guest, Stan Brakhage, Zakes Mda, Vicente Aleixandre, Dick Higgins, Gao Xingjian, Yasmina Khadra, and more...purchase now


Barbara Guest: Clearing the Ordinary from the Room | interviewed by Sarah Rosenthal


The Films and Words of Stan Brakhage | by Christopher Luna
Telling Time: Essays of a Visionary Filmmaker edited by Bruce McPherson
by Brakhage: an anthology: films of Stan Brakhage (DVD)
Remembering Janet Frame | by Tim Keane
Jack London's The Sea Wolf turns 100 | by Ryder W. Miller
Dick Higgins and Something Else Press | by Steve Clay


The New Life | a comic by Gary Sullivan
Last Laugh | Ohio Impromptu | by Louis Phillips



Francisco Goya: A Life  | Evan S. Connell | by John Toren
Essays of Elia  | Charles Lamb | by Thomas Haley
American Humor  | Constance Rourke | by Rick Canning
Love and Madness  | Martin Levy | by Kris Lawson
Paths to Contemporary French Literature  | John Taylor | by Raphael Rubinstein
At War  | Flann O'Brien | by Andrew Palmer
Artists in Times of War  | Howard Zinn | by Kevin Carollo
Grace Under Pressure  | Barbara Newman | by Cindra Halm
Strangers: Homosexual Love in the Nineteenth Century  | Graham Robb | by Summer Block
World Graphic Design  | Geoffrey Caban | by John Toren
Insurrection  | Kevin Danaher & Jason Mark | by Robert Ovetz
Dante in Love  | Harriet Rubin | by David Wiley
Candyfreak  | Steve Almond | by Peter Ritter
The Collected Essays of Milton Babbitt  | Milton Babbitt | by Richard Kostelanetz
Rockwell Kent: the Art of the Bookplate  | Don Roberts | by Nathan Greenwood Thompson
The Wave in the Mind  | Ursula K. LeGuin | by Alan DeNiro
Black Mountain Days  | Michael Rumaker | by Raphael C. Allison
A Frieze of Girls  | Allan Seager | by Kristin Thiel


The Madonna of Excelsior & She Plays with Darkness  | Zakes Mda | by Christopher J. Lee
Odd Corners  | William Hjortsberg | by Alan DeNiro
The Anxiety of Everyday Objects  | Aurelie Sheehan | by Alicia L. Conroy
Foam of the Daze  | Boris Vian | by Doug Pond
Memoirs of a Midget  | Walter de la Mare | by Susann Cokal
Streets That Smell of Dying Roses  | Prakash Kona | by Sun Yung Shin
Buying a Fishing Rod for My Grandfather & Snow in August  | Gao Xingjian | by Lucas Klein
Ordinary Wolves  | Seth Kantner | by Tricia Cornell
Human Parts  | Orly Castel-Bloom | by Elaine Starkman
Juju  | Judy Moffett | by Kathleen Andersen
Dreams and Stones  | Magdalena Tulli | by Laird Hunt
You Have To Be Careful in the Land of the Free  | James Kelman | by Carolyn Kuebler
A Bed of Nails  | Ron Tanner | by Pedro Ponce
Since You Ask  | Louise Wareham | by Jennifer Przybylski
Mountain R  | Jacques Jouet | by Scott Bryan Wilson
Sabbath Creek  | Judson Mitcham | by Alex Starace
The Island of Lost Souls  | Kevin Killian | by Justin Maxwell
The Swallows of Kabul & Morituri  | Yasmina Khadra | by Kevin Carollo


Destruction or Love  | Vicente Aleixandre | by George Kalamaras
Swoon  | Victoria Redel | by Will Clemens
Calixto  | Robert Desnos | by Tom Sanfilip
Nets  | Jen Bervin | by Noah Eli Gordon
The Self-Dismembered Man  | Guillaume Apollinaire | by Nick Moudry
Bright Turquoise Umbrella  | Hermine Meinhard | by Margo Stever
Black Dog Songs  | Lisa Jarnot | by Susie Meserve
Poems of the Masters  | translated by Red Pine | by John Bradley
Goldbeater's Skin  | G. C. Waldrep | by Neil Kozlowicz
The Monster Lives of Boys and Girls  | Eleni Sikelianos | by India Radfar
Notebooks 1956-1978  | Danielle Collobert | by Karl Krause
The Frequencies  | Noah Eli Gordon | by Airen McNally
Incretion  | Brian Strang | by Andrew Joron
A Green Light  | Matthew Rohrer | by Mark Tursi
Private Lemonade  | John Godfrey | by Nick Moudry


Buddha Volumes 1 & 2  | Osamu Tezuka | by Stepan Chapman
In Me Own Words  | Graham Roumieu | by Kelly Everding
Jack Staff  | Paul Grist | by Rudi Dornemann
Never Ending Summer  | Allison Cole | by Jennifer Przybylski
It's a Bird...  | Steven T. Seagle & Teddy Kristiansen | by Geoffrey Gatza

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