Vol. 8, No.2, Summer 2003 (#30)

Rachel Blau DuPlessis, David Ray, Firoozeh Dumas, bp Nichol, Lynda Barry, Kenneth Rexroth, The Poet as Translator, and more...purchase now


Rachel Blau DuPlessis: Visions of a New Order | by Dan Featherston
David Ray: The Truth-Teller | by Tim Peterson
Firoozeh Dumas: A Story Worth Telling | by Felicia C. Sullivan


Comic Meanwhiles | The comics and critical writings of bpNichol | by Charles Alexander
Double Fronted Books | an essay by Richard Kostelanetz
The Poet As Translator—Promethean Risk | Clayton Eshleman, Pierre Joris, & Donald Revell discuss the difficulties of translating


Trial & Error | Wall Tappings: An International Anthology of Women's Prison Writings 200 A.D. to the Present, edited by Judith Scheffler | by Meleah Maynard
The New Life | a comic by Gary Sullivan
Last Laugh | Where Do Playwrights Get Their Ideas? | by Louis Phillips



All Poets Welcome | Daniel Kane | by Chris Fischbach
Surrealist Subversions | Ron Sakolsky, ed. | by Rod Smith
The Next American Essay | John D'Agata, ed. | by Thomas Haley
What Next | Walter Mosley | by Christopher Luna
Bronzeville | Maren Stange | by Mark Nowak
Revenge  | Ellen von Unwerth | by Charisse Gendron
Strapped for Cash  | Mack Friedman | by Brad K. Jacobson
The Eighteen Nineties  | Holbrook Jackson | by John Toren
Oklahoma Tough  | Ron Padgett | by John Olson
Free Pages and Hard Times | Manuel González Prada | by Jay Miskowiec
Colonial Affairs  | Greg Mullins | by Mark Terrill
You Alone Are Real To Me  | Lou Andreas-Salomé | by Sarah Fox
Sing, Whisper, Shout, Pray! | M. Jacqui Alexander, Lisa Albrecht, Sharon Day,
and Mab Segrest, eds. | by Sun Yung Shin
Who Knows?  | Raymond M. Smullyan | by H.E. Everding
The Queen of Peace Room | Magie Dominic | by Thomas Haley
As Ever Was | Hammond Guthrie | by Chris Fischbach
Sonic Cool | Joe S. Harrington | by Adam Hall
Lily Dale | Christine Wicker | by Thomas Wiloch


Third Factory  | Victor Shklovsky | by Brent Cunningham
Slow Monkeys  | Jim Nichols | by Neil Kozlowicz
Tilt  | Elizabeth Burns | by Rochelle Ratner
What I Loved  | Siri Hustvedt | by Alicia L. Conroy
Fatma  | Raja Alem | by Michelle Reale
Repetition  | Alain Robbe-Grillet | by Laird Hunt
The Trip To Bordeaux  | Ludwig Harig | by John Olson
B: A Novel  | Jonathan Baumbach | by Amy Havel
Things That Never Happen  | M. John Harrison | by Alan DeNiro
Mygale  | Thierry Jonquet | by Marc Lowenthal
Gudrun's Tapestry  | Joan Schweighardt | by Susann Cokal
The Rising of the Moon  | Emile Capouya | by Xavier Ximenez
Such Sweet Thunder | Vincent O. Carter | by Tricia Cornell
Resistance  | Christine Japely | by Mark Terrill
The Boy On The Bus  | Deborah Schupack | by Carol Ann Sima
Rhapsody For A Unicorn  | Oscar Cappelli | by Kris Lawson
A Cleaning Woman  | Christian Oster | by N. N. Hooker
Bohannon's Women  | Joseph Hansen | by Kevin Carollo
Common Criminals  | Larry Fondation | by Doug Nufer


Emblems of Desire  | Maurice Scève     by Karl Krause
Turneresque  | Elizabeth Willis | by Cole Swensen
A Handmade Museum  | Brenda Coultis | by Aaron Kunin
The Complete Poems of Kenneth Rexroth  | Sam Hamill and Bradford Morrow, eds. | by Robert Zaller
Evidence of the Paranormal | Albert Flynn DeSilver, ed. | by Chris Martin
Autumn Grasses  | Margaret Gibson | by Lynnell Edwards
Under the Sun  | Rachel Levitsky | by Arielle Greenberg
Dear, Read  | Lisa Fishman | by Christopher Mattison
True News  | Craig Watson | by Mark Tursi
Call Me Ishmael Tonight  | Agha Shahid Ali | by Arielle Greenberg
The Biography of Broken Things  | Sean Thomas Dougherty | by John Bradley
Nude Siren  | Peter Richards | by Mark Tursi
Irish Literary Magazines  | Tom Clyde | by Richard Kostelanetz


Supreme: The Story of the Year & Supreme: The Return  | Alan Moore | by Adam Hall
One Hundred Demons  | Lynda Barry | by Meleah Maynard
Phoenix: Dawn  | Osamu Tezuka | by Stepan Chapman

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