Vol. 6, No.1, Spring 2001 (#21)

Toby Olson, Stanislaw Lem, Michael Burkard & Diane Wald, David Foster Wallace on the Prose Poem, and more...purchase now


Michael Burkard and Diane Wald | interviewed by Arielle Greenberg
Toby Olson | interviewed by Chris McCreary


The Master Voice of Stanislaw Lem | His Master's Voice and The Perfect Vacuum | essay by David Auerbach


Widely Unavailable: A Life Full of Holes | Driss Ben Hamed Charhadi | by Mark Terrill
The New Life | a comic by Gary Sullivan
Last Laugh | humor by Louis Phillips



Yesterday's Perfume | Cherie Nutting with Paul Bowles | by Jon Carlson
A Book of the Book | Jerome Rothenberg & Steven Clay, eds. | by Charles Alexander
The Pain Journal | Bob Flanagan | by Tessa Laird
Mary Lucier | Melinda Barlow, ed. | by Gavin Browning
Sex and Rockets | John Carter | by Jaye C. Beldo
Tomorrow Never Knows | Nick Bromell | by Corwin Ericson
Lord of a Visible World | H. P. Lovecraft | by Kris Lawson
The Language of Inquiry | Lyn Hejinian | by Kim Fortier
Falun Gong's Challenge to China | Danny Schechter | by Josie Rawson
Deep In Our Hearts | Constance Curry, et al. | by David Martin
The Vital Illusion | Jean Baudrillard | by Melissa Maerz
Salvation | Valerie Martin | by Sarah Fox
Madder Music, Stronger Wine | Jad Adams | by Thomas Wiloch
Notes from the Cistern | Tom Bridwell | by Matt Dube
Fantasy Girls | Elyce Rae Helford, ed. | by Alan DeNiro
On Bullfighting | A. L. Kennedy | by Amy Halloran
Writing Himself Into History | Pearl Bowser & Louise Spence | by Christopher Luna
Running After Antelope | Scott Carrier | by C. K. Hubbuch


This is Not a Novel | David Markson | by Carolyn Kuebler
Woodcuts of Women | Dagoberto Gilb | by Peter Ritter
Letters to Wendy's | Joe Wenderoth | by Christopher Mattison
Harry Gold | Millicent Dillon | by Kelly Everding
The Garden of Secrets | Juan Goytisolo | by Mary Sarko
Northwest Edge | L. N. Pearson & Lidia Yuknovich, eds. | by Steve Tomasula
Cool For You | Eileen Myles | by Charisse Gendron
Cobralingus | Jeff Noon | by Rudi Dornemann
Esau and Jacob | Joaquim Machado de Assis | by Jay Miskowiec
The Other Side of Haight | James Fadiman | by Thomas Rain Crowe
Ferdydurke | Witold Gombrowicz | by Aaron Kunin
The Dreaming Girl | Roberta Allen | by John Olson
The Body Artist | Don DeLillo | by Lance Olsen
Eclipse | John Banville | by E. J. Iannelli
Meat Won't Pay My Light Bill | Kurt Eisenlohr | by Justin Maxwell
Call Me If You Need Me | Raymond Carver | by Nicole Duclos
Tales Out of School | Susan Richards Shreve & Porter Shreve, eds. | by John Bradley


The Best of the Prose Poem | Peter Johnson, ed. | by David Foster Wallace
A Salvo for Africa | Douglas Oliver | by Patrick F. Durgin
Ovid's Metamorphoses | Arthur Golding, translator | by Thomas Paul Kalb
Visiting Emily | Sheila Coghill & Thom Tammaro, eds. | by Susie Meserve
Continuity Girl | Chris Tysh | by Arielle Greenberg
Ring of Fire | Lisa Jarnot | by Chris Fischbach
Reft and Light | Ernst Jandl | by Robert Kelly
The Nearness of the Way You Look Tonight | Charles North | by Dobby Gibson
Alabama Wildman | Thurston Moore | by Terri Sydel
They Are Sleeping | Joanna Klink | by Jeffrey Shotts
Perfect Disappearance | Martha Rhodes | by Rebecca Weaver
Abandon's Garden | Brydie McPherson | by Rusty Morrison
Chicken, Shadow, Moon & more | Mark Strand | by Rob O'Brien
Feast | Tomaž Šalamun | by Laura Solomon
Down Wind, Down River | William Witherup | by Joel Weishaus
Lovers in the Used World | Gillian Conoley | by Eric Lorberer
Symbiosis | Barbara Guest & Laurie Reid | by Catherine Kasper


Accidental Ambassador Gordo | Robert C. Harvey & Gus Arriola | by Gary Sullivan
The Extended Dream of Mr. D. | Max | by David Logan
Batman Unmasked | Will Brooker | by John Eisler


This Craft of Verse | Jorge Luis Borges | by Eric Lorberer


All the Verdis of Venice | Normand Chaurette | by Justin Maxwell

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