Vol. 5, No.4, Winter 2000 (#20)

Samuel R. Delany, Denton Welch, Frank O'Hara, Clark Coolidge, Francesca Lia Block, and more...purchase now


Samuel R. Delany | by Rudi Dornemann and Eric Lorberer


Frank O'Hara: The Passionate Spectator | essay by John Yau
Denton Welch: Particulars Remembered | Maiden Voyage, In Youth is Pleasure, and A Voice Through a Cloud | reviewed by Rod Smith
Clark Coolidge: three new books
Alien Tatters | reviewed by Gregg Biglieri
On the Nameways | reviewed by Thomas Fink
Now It's Jazz | reviewed by Chris Fischbach
Fairies and Nymphs: the Fiction of Francesca Lia Block | Nymph, The Rose and the Beast, and  Fairy Tales Retold | reviewed by Steven Moore  
Bowles or Gysin: The Murky Waters of The Pool | essay by Jon Carlson & Dave Cardeiro


Trial & Error: Voices from a Southern Prison |  Lloyd C. Anderson |  by Peter Ritter
Mountjoy | Tim Carey | by Peter Ritter
The New Life | a comic by Gary Sullivan
Widely Unavailable: Impressions of Africa | Raymond Roussel | by Amy England
Critical Issues | humor by Erik Belgum & Gary Sullivan



Mary Wollstonecraft  | Janet Todd |  by Kris Lawson
Power: Essential Works of Michel Foucault, Vol. 3  |  by Ramex Qureshi
Do What Thou Wilt: A Life of Aleister Crowley  | Lawrence Sutin |  by Justin Maxwell
Stardumb   Dave Hickey & John deFazio |  by Steve Tomasula
Lesbian Art in America | Harmony Hammond   by Charisse Gendron
A Curious and Ingenious Art  | Melissa Banta |  by Nicole Duclos
Photography of Alfred Stieglitz |  Therese Mulligan, ed. |  by Will Clemens
Laudanum  | Tracey Moffatt |  by Elizabeth Culbert
Inherit the Earth  | Sheila Metzner |  by Kelly Everding
Philosophical Shakespeares | John J. Joughin |  by Robert Baker
Shakespeare's Language | Frank Kermode |  by Robert Baker
Extraordinary Measures |  Lorenzo Thomas |  by Dale Smith
The Room Lit by Roses |  Carole Maso |  by Amy Halloran
Derek Jarman |  Tony Peake |  by Thomas Fagan
Facing the Congo |  Jeffrey Tayler |  by Jon Rodine
Home and Exile |  Chinua Achebe |  by Rudi Dornemann
The Century of the Gene |  Evelyn Fox Keller |  by Nicole Duclos
Voices from the Summit |  Bernadette McDonald & John Amatt, eds. |  by Henry Everding
The Beat Hotel |  Barry Miles |  by Mary Sands


The Powerbook |  Jeanette Winterson |  by Rebecca Weaver
Doubting Thomas |  Atle Næss |  by Sarah Fox
Dark Spring |  Unica Zürn |  by Douglas Messerli
Tisch |  Stephen Dixon |  by Aaron Kunin
Freaknest |  Lance Olsen |  by Tim Brown
Shopgirl |  Steve Martin |  by Kelly Everding
The Case of Doctor Sachs |  Martin Winckler |  by Matt Dube
Blue |  Benjamin Zucker |  by Michael Perkins
Little Tales of Family and War |  Martha King |  by John Olson
Well-Founded Fear |  Tom LeClair |  by Jason Picone
Throwing Knives |  Molly Best Tinsley |  by Matt Dube
Endorsed by Jack Chapeau |  Theodore Pelton |  by Doug Nufer
Daughter! I Forbid Your Recurring Dream! |  James Chapman |  by Melissa Maerz
Stories and Remarks |  Raymond Queneau |  by Steven Moore
Modern Art |  Evelyn Toynton |  by Lucinda Ebersole
The Meaning of Lunch |  Dan Leone |  by Max Winter
The House of Breathing |  Gail Jones |  by Nathan Leslie


Paper Head Last Lyrics |  Andrew Levy |  by Patrick F. Durgin
Nude Memoir |  Laura Moriarty |  by Kim Fortier
Porno Diva Numero Uno  | Stephen Berg  |  by Eric Lorberer
Readiness / Enough / Depends / On |  Larry Eigner |  by Robert Kelly
Mouth of Shadows |  Charles Borkhuis |  by Peter Ritter
In the Time of the Present |  Maurice Kenny |  by Heid Erdrich
Spring Essence |  Hô` Xuân Hu'o'ng |  by Brian Foye
Black Mayonnaise |  Donna Cartelli |  by Tim Scannell
Seasons of Mangoes and Brainfire  | Carolyne Wright |  by Sean Thomas Dougherty
The Body's Response to Famine |  Dana Curtis |  by Alan DeNiro
Revenants |  Mark Nowak |  by John Olson
Body & Soul |  Sharon Doubiago |  by Thomas Rain Crowe


Promethea |  Alan Moore, J.H. Williams III, & Mick Gray |   by Rachel Pollack
The Very Persistent Gappers of Frip  | George Saunders & Lane Smith |  by Kelly Everding
Pit's Letter | Sue Coe |  by Kelly Everding


Two Lectures | Nick Cave |  by Brett Ralph
Charles Bukowski Uncensored |  by Eric Lorberer

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