Vol. 5, No.3, Fall 2000 (#19)

Richard Brautigan, Wang Ping, Mitch Cullin, Chris Ware, Kenward Elmslie...purchase now


Wang Ping | interviewed by Lewis Warsh


Richard Brautigan | by Eric Lorberer
Trial and Gender: Women in Prison | by Josie Rawson
Harsh Punishment | Sandy Cook & Susanne Davies, eds.
Gendered Justice in the American West | Anne M. Butler
Prisoners in Paradise | Theresa Kaminski
All This Hell | Evelyn M. Monohan & Rosemary Neidel-Greenlee
Till My Tale is Told | Simean Vilensky, ed.
Women on the Row  | Kathleen O'Shea
James Laughlin | essay by Doug Nufer
Mitch Cullin: three books | Whompyjawed, Branches, and Tideland | reviewed by Peter Ritter


The Writer Reads | Michael Perkins on William Bronk
Widely Unavailable | Skyblue the Badass Dallas Wiebe |  by Aaron Kunin
The New Life | a comic by Gary Sullivan
Critical Issues | humor by Erik Belgum & Gary Sullivan



The Book of Prefaces | Alasdair Gray |  by David Auerbach
Narralogues | Ronald Sukenick |  by Aaron Kunin
Into the Looking-Glass Wood | Alberto Manguel |  by Robert Baker
Cool Rules | Dick Pountain & David Robins |  by Jon Rodine
Ragged Lion | John Bennett, ed. |  by Mark Terrill
Rogue Messiahs | Colin Wilson |  by Kelly Everding
Apocalypse Culture II | Adam Parfrey, ed. |  by Richard Murphy
On Writing | Stephen King |  by Jonathan Shipley
Yesterday, Tomorrow | Nuruddin Farah |  by Rudi Dornemann
Struggles for Representation | Phyllis R. Klotman & Janet K. Cutler, eds. |  by Christopher Luna
Into and Out of Dislocation | C. S. Giscombe |  by Amy England
Flophouse | David Isay & Stacy Abramson |  by C.K. Hubbuch
The Idea of Culture  | Terry Eagleton |  by Amy E. Borden
The Music of Frederick Sommer | Frederick Sommer |  by Kelly Everding
Another Water | Roni Horn |  by Kelly Everding
Flaming Classics  | Alexandra Doty |  by Melissa Maerz
It's Not Mean If It's True  | Michael Thomas Ford |  by Vincent Kovar
Driving Mr. Albert | Michael Paterniti |  by Eric J. Iannelli
Kurosawa | Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto |  by Jack Granath
Genetic Engineering, Food, and Our Environment | Luke Anderson |  by Jason Fischbach


The Royal Family | William T. Vollmann |  by Steven Moore
Punk Rockwell | Michael Rothenberg |  by Jeremiah McNichols
Contagion | Brian Evenson |  by Melissa Maerz
Brilliant Silence | Spencer Holst |  by Karen Donovan
How Bluegrass Music Destroyed My Life  | John Fahey |  by Brett Ralph
Pastoralia | George Saunders |  by Stephen Clair
His Monkey Wife | John Collier |  by Alan Deniro
The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break | Steven Sherrill |  by Carolyn Kuebler
Out of Nowhere | Keith Botsford |  by Eric J. Iannelli
When I was Five I Killed Myself  | Howard Buten |  by Kelly Everding
Orlo and Leini | Rafael Alvarez |  by Matt Dube
Wyoming | Barry Gifford |  by John Olson
The High Traverse | Richard Blanchard |  by Alan DeNiro
What We Don't Know About Children | Simona Vinci |  by Lucinda Ebersole
Glory Goes and Gets Some  | Emily Carter |  by Peter Ritter
The Recess | Sophia Lee |  by Kris Lawson
The Return of Felix Nogara | Pablo Medina |  by Mary Sarko


Cyberspace & Nitesoil | Kenward Elmslie |  by Eric Lorberer
Fidget | Kenneth Goldsmith |  by Christopher Fischbach
At Dusk Iridescent | Thomas Meyer |  by Robert Kelly
Medicine | Amy Gerstler |  by Melanie Figg
R-Hu | Leslie Scalapino |  by Justin Maxwell
Serenade | Bill Berkson |  by Chris McCreary
The Theory and Function of Mangoes | George Kalamaras |  by Helen Stein
All in All | Laura Chester |  by Kim Fortier
Echo Regime | John Olson |  by Brian Beatty
Practicing Amnesia | Heather Thomas |  by Patrick Pritchett
The Blessing | Richard Jones |  by Brett Ralph
Selected Poems | Fanny Howe |  by Jeffrey Shotts


Jimmy Corrigan, The Smartest Kid in the World | Chris Ware | by David Logan
Drawn & Quarterly Vol. 3 | Chris Oliveros, ed. | by Eric Lorberer
Comic Book Culture | Matthew J. Pustz | by John Eisler
Comic Book Culture | Ron Goulart | by John Eisler

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