VOL. 19, NO. 2 Summer 2014 (#74)

Kevin Brockmeier, Diane Wakoski, Dinaw Mengestu, Denise Levertov, and more . . . purchase now


Kevin Brockmeier: Clouds Like Hills | interviewed by Kelly Everding
Bess Lovejoy: Even in Death, Byron was Well Endowed | interviewed by Jesse Freedman


Another Friend of Bill | by Grant Hart
Wild About Wilderness: American Lit & the Wilderness Act at 50 | by Jonah Raskin
mnartists presents: The Burden of Proof | by Jay Orff
Colleen Lookingbill: In Memoriam | by Elizabeth Robinson


The New Life | by Gary Sullivan
The Fine Art of Browsing | by Louis Phillips


Cover art by Caroline Kent



The Shoshoneans: The People of the Basin-Plateau | Edward Dorn & Leroy Lucas | by Patrick James Dunagan
Islam and the Challenge of Civilization | Abdelwahab Meddeb | by Spencer Dew
The Empathy Exams | Leslie Jamison | by Justin Wadland
The Tastemaker:Carl Van Vechten and the Birth of Modern America | Edward White | by Douglas Messerli
Utopia or Bust: A Guide to the Present Crisis | Benjamin Kunkel | by John William Walker Zeiser
Call Me Burroughs: A Life | Barry Miles | by Mark Gustafson
Fare Forward: Letters from David Markson | Laura Sims, ed. | by Benjamin Polk
Hopper Drawing | Carter E. Foster | by Mason Riddle
The Afterlife of Piet Mondrian | Nancy J. Troy | by Will Wlizlo


Praying Drunk | Kyle Minor | by Matt Weinkam
Trieste | Daša Drndić | by Brooke Horvath
The Family Cannon | Halina Duraj | by Benjamin Woodard
All Our Names | Dinaw Mengestu | by Isaac Butler
New Waw: Saharan Oasis | Ibrahim al-Koni | by Spencer Dew
Sea of Hooks | Lindsay Hill | by John Pistelli
Some Day | Shemi Zarhin | by Courtney Becks
Expectation | Jeffrey DeShell | by Kelsey Beson
The Desert Places | Amber Sparks & Robert Kloss | by MH Rowe
The Snow Queen | Michael Cunningham | by Erin Lewenauer
Sweet Thunder | Ivan Doig | by Ryder W. Miller


The Collected Poems of Denise Levertov | Denise Levertov | by John Bradley
The End of the Sentimental Journey: A Mystery Poem | Sarah Vap | by Kelsey Beson
M x T | Sina Queyras | by Michele Balze
Bay of Angels | Diane Wakoski | by Warren Woessner
Farewellia a la Aralee | Ralph La Charity | by Kirpal Gordon
Favor of Crows: New and Collected Haiku | Gerald Vizenor | by Janna Knittel
Romance with Small-Time Crooks | Alexis Ivy | by Sherry Chandler


The Art of Rube Goldberg | Rube Goldberg | Jennifer George, ed. | by Paul Buhle
Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant? | Roz Chast | by Robert Kirby

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