Vol. 15, No.3, Fall 2010 (#59)

Diane Wakoski, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Roberto Bolaño, Tove Jansson, Charles Plymell, and much more... purchase now


Ira Sukrungruang & Kao Kalia Yang – In Conversation
Looking for Diane Wakoski | interviewed by Steve Healey


Charles Plymell: Outlaw Poet | by Gerard Malanga
mnartists.org presents: Siah Armajani | by Ann Klefstad


From the Backlist: The Summer Book by Tove Jansson | by Erin M. Bertram
The New Lifeby Gary Sullivan
Chapbook Corner:
Hornet Homily | by Patrick Culliton | reviewed by Noah Eli Gordon



Firework | Eugene Marten | by Dylan Hicks
Balcony of Europe | Aidan Higgins | by Jesse Freedman
Obabakoak | Bernardo Atxaga | by Steve Street
From Old Notebooks | Evan Lavender-Smith | by Stephen Burt
The Rest is Jungle and Other Stories | Mario Benedetti | by Zach Czaia
I Hotel | Karen Tei Yamashita | by Scott Bryan Wilson
Elysiana | Chris Knopf | by Brooke Horvath
O Fallen Angel | Kate Zambreno | by Megan Milks
Zulu | Caryl Férey | by Matthew Cheney
Captivity | Deborah Noyes | by Kristin Thiel
The Return | Roberto Bolaño | by Matthew Jakubowski
The Imperfectionists | Tom Rachman | by Don Messerschmidt


The Port of Los Angeles | Jane Sprague | by Erica Kaufman
The Sore Throat & Other Poems | Aaron Kunin | by Sumita Chakraborty
Lee Valley Poems | Yang Lian | by Kevin Carollo
The Redcoats | Ryan Murphy | by Kate Angus
Black Life | Dorothea Lasky | by Kristen Evans
Pretty | Kim Chinquee | by Julie Colombo
Steel Valley | Michael Adams | by Kirpal Gordon
The Spoken Word: Sylvia Plath | by James Naiden
So Late, So Soon | Carol Moldaw | by Jim Moore
Phantom Noise | Brian Turner | by John Bradley
Undocumentaries | Rosa Alcalá | by Elizabeth Robinson
Destruction Myth | Mathias Svalina | by Matt McBride
Green-Wood | Allison Cobb | by Megan Burns


The Car That Brought You Here Still Runs  | Frances McCue | by George Kalamaras
Radical Poetics and Secular Jewish Culture  | Stephen Paul Miller & Daniel Morris, eds. | by John Cunningham
Memoir and Essay | Michael Gottlieb | by Maria Damon
Ideas That Matter | A. C. Grayling | by Justin E. A. Busch
Making Toast | Roger Rosenblatt | by Jessica Handler
Nomad | Ayaan Hirsi Ali | by Spencer Dew
Bones of the Tiger | Hemanta Mishra, with Jim Ottaway, Jr. | by Don Messerschmidt
Beckett Before Beckett |Brigitte Le Juez | by Laird Hunt
The Butterfly Mosque |G. Willow Wilson | by Scott F. Parker
What the Poem Wants |Michael Dennis Browne | by James Naiden


Tumor | Joshua Hale Fialkov & Noel Tuazon | by Zander Cannon
Wilson | Daniel Clowes | by James R. Fleming
War is Boring | David Axe and Matt Bors | by Niels Strandskov

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