Vol. 15, No.2, Summer 2010 (#58)

Scott Bradfield, Anne Carson, Benjamin Alire Sáenz, Patti Smith, Nick Flynn, and much more... purchase now


Scott Bradfield:All Stories are Animal Stories | interviewed by Paul Maliszewski
Sam Cutler:The Stones and The Dead | interviewed by Peter Conners
Benjamin Alire Sáenz:The World is Not With Us Enough | interviewed by Shin Yu Pai


mnartists.org presents: A Pictorial History of Isa Newby Gagarin | by Susannah Schouweiler

Cover artwork by Ramona Szczerba


From the Backlist: James Galvin'sThe Meadowby Suzann Clemens Ellis



Poetry and Cultural Studies: A Reader | Maria Damon and Ira Livingston, eds. | by Laura Hinton
The Novel: An Alternative History: Beginnings to 1600 | Steven Moore | by Scott Bryan Wilson
Empire of Sacrifice: The Religious Origins of American Violence | Jon Pahl | by Jeremy Biles
The Ticking is the Bomb | Nick Flynn | by Julie Babcock
The American Stage: Writing on Theater from Washington Irving to Tony Kushner | Laurence Senelick, ed. | by Justin Maxwell
Music I-LXXIV | August Kleinzahler | by Steve Bradbury
Beefheart: Through the Eyes of Magic | John “Drumbo” French | by William Bamberger
Just Kids | Patti Smith | by Mark Gustafson
The Shaking Woman or A History of My Nerves | Siri Hustvedt | by Scott F. Parker
Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead: The Fran Meeink Story | Frank Meeink with Jody M. Roy, Ph.D. | by Britt Aamodt
Politics and the Imagination | Raymond Geuss | by Mark Tursi
Unraveled: A Weaver’s Tale of Life Gone Modern | Elizabeth L. Krause | by Maria Damon


The Museum of Eterna’s Novel (the First Good Novel) | Macedonio Fernández | by John Toren
The River Gods | Brian Kiteley | by Andy Stewart
Point Omega | Don DeLillo | by James Naiden
In The Train | Christian Oster | by Steve Street
The Confessions of Noa Weber | Gail Hareven | by Wendy Breuer
Made-Up Interviews with Imaginary Artists | Alex Stein | by James Lough
Baba Yaga Laid An Egg | Dubravka Ugresic | by Daniela Hurezanu
Head in Flames | Lance Olsen | by John Domini
Portrait of the Writer as a Domesticated Animal | Lydie Salvayre | by Nick Bredie
Angelology | Danielle Trussoni | by James Naiden
Daughters of the Witching Hill | Mary Sharratt | by Kristin Thiel
36 Arguments for the Existence of God | Rebecca Goldstein | by Douglas A. Smith
Cradle Book | Craig Morgan Teicher | by Peter Grandbois
Normal People Don’t Live Like This | Dylan Landis | by Mindy Farabee


Nox | Anne Carson | by Mark Gustafson
(nevertheless enjoyment | Elizabeth Bryant | by Nate Pritts
For That Return Passage: A Valentine for the United States of America | Lisa Birman | by Margaret Randall
Juvenilia | Ken Chen | by Karen Rigby
Ta(l)king Eyes | Jacque Vaught Brogan | by Emily Carr
The Dirt Riddles | Michael Walsh | by James Reiss
Poems of the Night and The Sonnets | Jorge Luis Borges | by David Wiley
As If Free | Burt Kimmelman | by Eric Hoffman
Leave Me Hidden | Franz Wright | by Sumita Chakraborty
Horses Where the Answers Should Have Been | Chase Twichell | by Dennis Barone
The God of Loneliness | Philip Schultz | by James Reiss


The Losers: Volumes One and Two | Andy Diggle and Jock | by Spencer Dew
Beast | Marian Churchland | by John Pistelli
Monsters | Ken Dahl | by John Eisler

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