Vol. 12, No.2, Summer 2007 (#46)

David Markson, Andrew Joron, Elfriede Jelinek, Halldor Laxness, Daniel Pinkewater and much more... purchase now


David Markson: Author Speaks | interviewed by Laura Sims
Andrew Joron: The Impossible Cry | interviewed by Andrew Zawacki


What Éluard Was Saying to the Wonders | by Tim Keane
Remembering Gene Frumkin | by George Kalamaras
End of an Era: The Alternative Press | by Eric Lorberer
The Labors of Halldór Laxness | by Kimberly Burwick
On The Uses of the Fabulous | by Gladys Swan


The New Life: a comic by Gary Sullivan
Chapbook Corner by Noah Eli Gordon



Falling Man   | Don DeLillo   |   by John Domini
Anxious Pleasures  |  Lance Olsen  |  by Scott Esposito
Vain Art of the Fugue |  Dumitru Tsepeneag   |  by Robert M. Detman
African Psycho  |  Alain Mabanckou  |  by Sharon McGill
Poncía Vicencio  |  Conceição Evaristo  |  by Amy Sayre-Roberts
Measuring the World   |  Daniel Kehlmann  |   by Douglas Messerli
An Episode in the Life of A Landscape Painter  |  César Aira  |  by Douglas Messerli
Teach the Free Man  |  Peter Nathaniel Malae  |  by Jenny Dunning
The Revisionist  |  Miranda Mellis  |  by Jacob Eichert
The Song of Kahunsha  |  Anosh Irani  |  by Annette Gilson
Angelica  |  Arthur Phillips  |  by Kristin Thiel
Allah Is Not Obliged  |  Ahmadou Kourouma  |  by Matthew Cheney
V |   Jennifer Natalya Fink |   by Anna Chastain
The Neddiad  |  Daniel Pinkwater  |  by Kelly Everding
Demon Theory  |  Stephen Graham Jones  |  by Morris Collins
Greed  |  Elfriede Jelinek  |  by Kate Zambreno
Believers  |  Nathan Leslie  |  by Clifford Garstang
Sentences  |  Johannah Rodgers  |  by Jim Feast
O Street   |  Corrina Wycoff  |  by Garin Cycholl
Saffron and Brimstone  |  Elizabeth Hand  |  by Alan DeNiro
The Raw Shark Texts  |  Steven Hall  |  by Justin Friedman
The Best American Short Plays 2003-2004   |  Glenn Young, ed.  |   by Justin Maxwell


John Peel: Margrave of the Marshes |  John Peel & Sheila Ravenscroft  |  by Stephen Burt
The Case for Literature  |  Gao Xingjian  |  by Lucas Klein
What Becomes You   | Aaron Raz Link & Hilda Raz |   by Karen Walcott
The End of the World as We Know It  |  Robert Goolrick  |  by Robert Duffer
Easter Everywhere  |  Darcey Steinke  |  by Spencer Dew
The Humboldt Current  |  Aaron Sachs  |  by Douglas Messerli
Beyond the Techno-Cave   | Harold Jaffe  |  by Michael Filas
The Original Knickerbocker: The Life of Washington Irving   | Andrew Burstein  |  by Andrea Knutson
Martín Ramírez  |  Brooke Davis Anderson  |  by Eliza Murphy
The Strange Case of the Broad Street Pump  |  Sandra Hempel   | by Andrew Benedict-Nelson
Grammar Lessons  |  Michele Morano  |  by Dakota Ryan


The Collected Poems 1956-1998  |  Zbigniew Herbert  |  by Robert Zaller
The Outernationale   |  Peter Gizzi  |   by Chris McCreary
Fold Books   |  Stephen Hemenway   |  by Anne Heide
Deathstar/Rico-chet   |  Judith Goldman  |   by Joyelle McSweeney
New Jersey  |   Betsy Andrews  |   by Dennis Barone
New & Selected Poems (1965-2006)   |  David Shapiro  |   by Erica Kaufman
The Happiness Experiment   |  Lisa Fishman  |  by Nate Pritts
Boy Drinkers   |  Terence Winch  |   by John Jacob
My Body  |  Joan Larkin  |   by John Jacob
In A Dybbuk's Raincoat  |  Bert Meyers  |   by John Bradley
White Boots in the Mud  |  William Pitt Root  |   by Daniela Gioseffi
Carrier Wave   |  Jaswinder Bolina  |   by Aaron James McNally
My Autobiography   |  Barbara Henning  |   by Mark Terrill
A Worldly Country   |  John Ashbery  |   by Frank Giampietro
Paper Children  |  Mariana Marin  |  by Steven Teref


The Salon  |  Nick Bertozzi  |   by Yves Reisender
Alice in Sunderland |   Bryan Talbot  |   by Rudi Dornemann
God Save The Queen  |  Mike Carey & John Bolton |   by William Alexander

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