Vol. 11, No.2, Summer 2006 (#42)

Will Alexander, Daniel Handler, Tess Gallagher, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Lawrence Weschler, Michel Houellebecq and more... purchase now


Will Alexander | interviewed by Grant Jenkins
Daniel Handler | interviewed by Kelly Everding
and Eric Lorberer


Cities of the Future | essay by John Olson


Widely Unavailable: Some Poems by Paul Klee translated by Anselm Hollo
| by Erik Sweet
Chapbook Corner: by Noah Eli Gordon
The New Life: a comic by Gary Sullivan



The Complete Stories of Paul Laurence Dunbar | Gene Andrew Jarrett and Thomas Lewis Morgan, eds. | by Shannon Gibney
Paradise Travel | Jorge Franco | by Matthew Duffus
No End to the Journey | S. Shankar | by Kris Lawson
The First Hurt | Rachel Sherman | by William Bush
Custody of the Eyes | Diamela Eltit | by Mary Sarko
Realm of the Dead | Uchida Hyakken | by Amanda M. Vail
AKA Jean Lamore by Jedediah Berry
The Carpet Makers | Andreas Eschbach | by Kelly Everding
Whiskey Nipple | Doug Frelke | by Clifford Garstang
River of Gods | Ian McDonald | by Kris Lawson
Last Week's Apocalypse | Douglas Lain | by Kevin Dole
Visigoth | Gary Amdahl | by William Bush
The Possibility of an Island | Michel Houellebecq | by Eric J. Iannelli
The Traveling Death and Resurrection Show | Ariel Gore | by Joshua Mandelbaum
Have Mercy On Us All | Fred Vargas | by Kevin Carollo
Lord Loss | Darren Shan | by Carrie Mercer
Ingrid and the Wolf | André Alexis | by Carrie Mercer
Spacer and Rat | Margaret Bechard | by Carrie Mercer


Everything That Rises: A Book of Convergences | Lawrence Weschler | by Laird Hunt
Else/Where | Janet Abrams and Peter Hall, eds. | by Kevin Fenton
A Temple of Texts | William H. Gass | by Scott Esposito
Upon the Altar of the Nation | Harry S. Stout by Matthew Cheney
J. Robert Oppenheimer: A Life | Abraham Pais | by James Ervin
How It Was: a Memoir of Samuel Beckett | Anne Atik | by Christopher Luna
The Man Who Would Marry Susan Sontag | Edward Field | by Mark Terrill
Where the Southern Cross the Yellow Dog | Louis D. Rubin, Jr. | by Lynnell Edwards
The Two Lolitas | Michael Maar | by Margaret Lazarus Dean
Gang of One | Fan Shen | by Eugenia Chao
Other Routes | edited by Tabish Khair, Martin Leer, Justin D. Edwards, and Hanna Ziadeh | by Spencer Dew
Are You Happy? | Emily Fox Gordon Thomas Haley
Republican Like Me | Harmon Leon | by Nicole Duclos
Ordinary Poverty | William DiFazio | by Jim Feast


The Book for my Brother | Tomaz Salamun | by John Bradley
Quarantine | Brian Henry | by Rusty Morrison
Dear Ghosts | Tess Gallagher | by Christopher J. Jarmick
New York Poems | D.H. Melhem | by Colette Inez
Only This Blue | Betsy Warland | by Kate Eichhorn
Louis Zukofsky: Selected Poems | edited by Charles Bernstein | by Raphael Allison
Poem for the End of Time and Other Poems | Noelle Kocot | by Jean-Paul Pecqueur
After You, Dearest Language | Marisol Limon Martinez | by Joyelle McSweeney
Acts of Love | translated by George Economou | by Robert Zaller
Last Supper of the Senses | Dean Kostos | by Robert Zaller
The Best of My Love Aaron Kiely by Jane Sprague
Mahcic | Tomás Riley | by Urayoán Noel


Beat Generation | Jack Kerouac | by Matthew Kelley
The World Fixer | Thomas Bernhard | by Scott Bryan Wilson
Over All The Mountain Tops | Thomas Bernhard | by Scott Bryan Wilson


Pyongyang | Guy Delisle | by John F. Barber
North Country | Shane White | by Eric Lorberer
We All Die Alone | Mark Newgarden | by Gary Sullivan

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