Vol. 10, No.1, Spring 2005 (#37)

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Dave Eggers: Genius Loves Company interviewed by Christopher J. Lee
Donald Revell: Brother in Elysium interviewed by Eric Lorberer
Ruth Lepson: Innovation, Salvage and the Second Wave interviewed by Tim Peterson


Everything I Always Wanted To Know, or the Thought of Making Art Unthinkable | an essay on James Elkins and Art Criticism | by Jan Estep
Subtitles | edited by Atom Egoyan & Ian Balfour | by Amanda Vail
The Artist's Reality | Mark Rothko | by Ann Klefstad
Place, Art, and Self | Yi-Fu Tuan | by Valerie Valentine
Look, Don't Think | the Photography of War | by Jakki Spicer


Trial & Error: 15 to Life | Anthony Papa | by Tricia Cornell
Widely Unavailable: Reamer Lou | Louis Forgione | by Dennis Barone
The New Life: a comic by Gary Sullivan
Last Laugh: humor by Louis Phillips



E. E. Cummings: A Biography  | Christopher Sawyer-Lauçanno | by Peter Ritter
Bury the Chains  | Adam Hochschild | by Scott Esposito
Audio Culture  | Christoph Cox & Daniel Warner, eds. | by Karl Krause
Dastgah: Diary of a Head Trip  | Mark Mordrue | by Adam Hall
Maps of the Imagination  | Peter Turchi | by Thomas Haley
The Lobotomist  | Jack El Hai | by Carrie Mercer
Strange Kin  | Kieran Quinlan | by Lynnell Edwards
Humanism and Democratic Criticism  | Edward W. Said | by Len Edgerly
Surrendered Child  | Karen Salyer McElmurray | by Bonnie Blader
Glass House  | Margaret Morton | by Stacy Brix
The Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death |     Corinne May Botz | by Kelly Everding
Maeve Brennan  | Angela Bourke | by Rick Canning
A Tale of Love and Darkness  | Amos Oz | by Elaine Starkman
Clever Maids  | Valerie Paradiz | by Charisse Gendron
Pink Steam  | Dodie Bellamy | by Garin Cycholl


Moravagine  | Blaise Cendrars | by Tim Keane
Three by Perec  | Georges Perec | by Martin Riker
The Second Life of Samuel Tyne  | Esi Edugyan | by Christopher J. Lee
Big Breasts & Wide Hips  | Mo Yan | by Lucas Klein
The Seas  | Samantha Hunt | by Scott Esposito
Plays, 1996-2000  | Richard Maxwell | by Peter Ritter
The Master  | Colm Tóibín | by Raphael C. Allison
Author, Author  | David Lodge | by Raphael C. Allison
Shadow Family  | Miyuki Miyabe | by Kevin Carollo
Animal Rights & Pornography  | J. Eric Miller | by Justin Taylor
Hypohypothesis  | Heather Folsom | by Timothy Welch
The Last Guardian of Everness  | John C. Wright | by Kelly Everding
The Ninth Life of Louis Drax  | Liz Jensen | by Scott Bryan Wilson
Out of My Head  | Didier Van Cauwelaert | by Laird Hunt
American Purgatorio  | John Haskell | by Laird Hunt
The Conviction and Subsequent Life of Savior Neck  | Christian Tebordo | by Jedediah Berry
Nectar From A Stone  | Jane Guill | by Susan B. Cokal
The Dry Salvages  | Caitlín Kiernan | by Kris Lawson
Mortal Love  | Elizabeth Hand | by Kristin Livdhal
The Dreams     Naguib Mahfouz     by Alan DeNiro
Jackfish  | J Milligan | by Tim W. Brown
Memories of Underdevelopment | Edmundo Desnoes | by Jay Miskowiec


Le Contre-Ciel  | René Daumal | by George Kalamaras
Collected Poems  | Donald Justice | by Robert Zaller
Written in Water  | Luis Cernuda | by Kevin Carollo
Kisses, Dreams & Other Infidelities  | Antonio Porta | by Kevin Carollo
Unhurried Vision  | Michael Rothenberg | by Louise Landes Levi
Whethering  | Rusty Morrison | by Noah Eli Gordon
Some Mountains Removed  | Daniel Bouchard | by Stephen Burt
The Displaced of Capital  | Anne Winters | by Maureen Picard Robins
Now the Dead Will Dance the Mambo  | Martín Espada | by Christopher Luna
Education by Stone  | João Cabral de Melo Neto | by Erick Mertz
So One Could Have  | Mark Salerno | by Alan DeNiro
Crush  | Richard Siken | by Maureen Ricard Robins
In The Dark  | Ruth Stone | by Tim Keane
Another Kind of Tenderness  | Xue Di | by Lucas Klein
The Complete Elegies of Sextus Propertius  | Sextus Propertius | by John Toren


By the Numbers  | Laurent Rullier and Stanislas | by Daivd Kennedy-Logan
Ex Machina: The First Hundred Days  | Brian K. Vaughan, Tony Harris, & Tom Feiste | by Rudi Dornemann
You Can't Get There From Here  | Jason | by Todd Petersen
Diary of a Mosquito Abatement Man  | John Porcellino | by Eric Lorberer

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Henry Everding, whose photo graces the cover. It is a picture of prayer wheels taken in Kathmandu. Henry was a wonderful photographer, adventurer, friend, brother, and reviewer for Rain Taxi.

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