Vol. 1, No. 2, Spring 1996 (#2)


Jaimy Gordon interviewed by Marty Lammon
Curtis Whiteinterviewed by Alexander Laurence


Profile: Tim Hedges, Literary Escorby Brad Zellar
Bookstores' Top Tens: Independent Booksellers' Favorites
The Chances for Literature Part II by Charles Alexander
Nathanael West's Secret Sharer by Christopher Sorrentino
The Feminist Press by Carolyn Kuebler
Saved by Johnny Depp by John S. Beckmann


Rat Bohemia    Sarah Schulman    by Thomas Fagan
A Little Hungarian Pornography    Peter Esterhazy    by Rick Henry
Corruption    Tahar Ben Jelloun    by Jack Granath
On the Edge of Reason    Miroslav Krleza   by Eric Goldman
CivilWarLand in Bad Decline    George Saunders   by Laura Shackelford
Rene's Flesh    Virgilio Pinera   by Steve Pomije
Ghost Stories    E.M. Broner    by D. Bay
Chick-Lit    Cris Mazza and Jeffrey DeShell, ed.   by Samantha Kirk


Secrets of the Dark Chamber    Merry A. Foresta   by Randall Heath
Gardens of Revelation    John Beardsley    by Christopher Hubbuch
Derek Jarman's Garden    Derek Jarman   by Christopher Hubbuch
Resisting the Virtual Life    James Brook and Ian S. Boal   by Paul D. Dickinson
Laure: The Collected Writings   Laure (Colette Peignot)   by Paul D. Dickinson


Lethal Frequencies    James Galvin   by Eric Lorberer
The Tunnel    Russell Edson   by Eric Lorberer
The City Lights Pocket Poets Anthology    Lawrence Ferlinghetti, ed.   by Jack Granath
Glass, Irony and God    Anne Carson   by Susan Day

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