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Volume 21, Number 4, Winter 2016 (#84)

Volume 21, Number 4, Winter 2016 (#84) To purchase issue #84 using Paypal, click here. [goal id="24805"] INTERVIEWS Judy Juanita: DeFacto Feminist | interviewed by Julia Stein Michelle Latiolais: Interruptions & Interconnections | interviewed by Alan Grostephan Anne Raeff: From the Periphery of Conflict | interviewed by Derek Askey James Reiss: Writing as Survival | […]

Shingle Street

Blake Morrison Chatto & Windus by Jane Baston From our first step on Shingle Street we feel the shifting terrain. This land where the sea meets the marshes is duplicitous; out there we must be vigilant for sandbanks, rip-tides, and wrecking grounds. Although the stones are “warm as stoves” we must beware the sneaky street, […]

Why Love Leads to Justice: Love Across Boundaries

David A.J. Richards Cambridge University Press ($30) by Brian Gilmore I began reading David A.J. Richards’s book Why Love Leads to Justice the week before the Pulse Club Massacre in Orlando, Florida. Forty-nine patrons lost their lives and fifty-three more were wounded when a homophobic gunman opened fire in the club as it was closing […]


Jorge Armenteros Spuyten Duyvil ($16) by Lacy Arnett Mayberry Craving escape from a stifling relationship, a perfumery student with an innately strong sense of smell stumbles into lodging at a “fourth class hotel” run by a man who hasn’t changed his shirt—or left the site—in years. The characters in Jorge Armenteros’s second novel travel between […]

Lost Profiles: Memoirs of Cubism, Dada, and Surrealism

Philippe Soupault Translated by Alan Bernheimer City Lights Books ($10) by John Toren Philippe Soupault, along with Louis Aragon and André Breton, was one of the "three musketeers" of the Surrealist movement. His brief memoir of those heady times of artistic creativity and incendiary intellectual revolt appeared in France in 1963, but it has only […]

Marketa Lazarová

Vladislav Vančura translated by Carleton Bulkin Twisted Spoon Press ($22.50) by Jeff Bursey When one considers the early 20th century literary works of Czechoslovakian writers, the names that come first to mind are Karel Čapek, Jaroslav Hašek, Franz Kafka, and Richard Weiner. Their contributions to Modernism (and, especially in Kafka’s case, to how we regard […]

Proensa: An Anthology of Troubadour Poetry

Selected and Translated by Paul Blackburn Edited by George Economou NYRB Classics ($16.95) by Erik Noonan Two people shaped Paul Blackburn’s life and art: his mother, a poet and lesbian named Frances Frost, and Ezra Pound. Frost, whom he idolized, mailed him a book by W.H. Auden when he was in the Army, and his first […]

The Conspiracy Against the Human Race

Thomas Ligotti Hippocampus Press ($25) by Matthew McGuire In horror fiction there is the trope of the forbidden book containing secret knowledge that causes the reader to go mad. Wouldn’t such a tome be grand? Imagine writing something so profound, so true that the reader could never return to reality. Who could write such a […]

3arabi Song

Zeina Hashem Beck The Rattle Foundation ($6) by George Longenecker Zeina Hashem Beck, winner of the 2016 Rattle Chapbook Prize, writes complex poetry about her Arab culture—verse rich in detail and metaphor. A native of Tripoli, Lebanon, now living in Dubai, Beck is a performance poet who integrates Arabic and French words into musical, skillfully […]