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Tao Lin Vintage ($14.95) by William Stobb Tao Lin’s debut poetry collection, You Are a Little Bit Happier Than I Am (Action Books 2006), offered a dazzling display of unconstrained, direct writing, accessing the imagination and the physical world in a way that communicated human experience fully, without pretense or convention. His prose fiction—a short story collection, […]

The Collected Works
of Noah Cicero Vol. I

Noah Cicero Lazy Fascist Press by Peter Tieryas Liu The Collected Works of Noah Cicero Vol. I assembles eight of Noah Cicero’s earliest works as parables for the American nightmare, vomiting out truths that bask in bawdy flashes of lust. Much of the prose fluctuates between long sequences that are stream of consciousness in visceral […]


Harmony Korine Drag City ($18) by Andrew Marzoni Enfants terribles, from Jean Cocteau to Roberto Bolaño, are famed for their incessant demanding of people’s attention. In this respect, Harmony Korine is no exception. He captivated a wide audience for the first time at age nineteen, writing the screenplay for Larry Clark’s Kids(1995), a grimly realistic portrayal […]


Avant-garde Poems, Plays, Stories and Songs for Children Edited by Dana Teen Lomax Black Radish Books ($20) by Megan Burns With over eighty contributors ranging from seven years old to poets no longer with us, this collection of playful works and wide-ranging styles of play on language certainly earns the “most fun anthology to read” […]


Edited by Ann Fisher-Wirth and Laura-Gray Street Trinity University Press ($24.95) by Eliza Murphy Within days after headlines announced that global carbon dioxide levels had reached the critical milestone of 400 parts per million, a survey of scientists showed that only three percent doubt that this a human-induced planetary phenomenon. Freak violent storms, salination of […]

Piercing the Page: Selected Poems 1958-1989

Antonio Porta Edited with an introduction by Gian Maria Annovi Afterword by Umberto Eco Translated by Anthony Baldry, Rosemary Liedl & Paolo Martini, Anthony Molino, Lawrence R. Smith, Paul Vangelisti, and Pasquale Verdicchio Otis Books/Seismicity Editions ($14.95) by Kevin Carollo A name is exactly the absence of definition. —Breyten Bretyenbach In order to make a […]

Taking the Consequences — An Interview with Karin Tidbeck

Interviewed by Matt Bell Born in 1977 in Stockholm, Sweden, Karin Tidbeck lives and works in Malmö. An alumna of the 2010 Clarion San Diego writers’ workshop, she studied comparative religion and social anthropology at the University of Stockholm and creative writing at Skurups folkhögskola, where she also trained as a creative writing instructor.