Mandy Lee Cox

80 Cover.inddMandy Lee Cox is a digital collage artist from Saint Paul, MN. She works mainly with carefully chosen scanned or photographed ephemera, the type of images that were at one time found in great books, magazines and scientific journals are now almost found exclusively in the digital format as the original works degrade in the physical world. She's an archivist of types and seeks to capture viewer interest through a re-valuation and recognition of forgotten subjects, works and fine print methods used to produce them. She's a testament that many disparate forms, styles, and layers can be taken apart and reassembled to perfect equilibrium and beauty if you have the passion, talent and will.

Being an archivist, it seems appropriate that the final breath of air Mandy breaths into a new work is one given to resuscitate; as her final step in the process is to let the many layers of elements live once again, reincarnated for another cycle into the physical world of print. Check out more of her work at and like her Facebook page at: