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Gorgeously illustrated by Aya Morton and effortlessly adapted by Fred Fordham, this first-ever canonical, graphic novel adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s beloved American classic is a must-have for fans of the iconic American author!

“Fordham retains much of Fitzgerald’s singular prose, which Morton illustrates with an eye toward period detail and restraint that blossoms into expressive tableaus of vivid color at key moments. Here, Fitzgerald’s incisive exposé of the shallow excesses of the elite feels startlingly fresh nearly 100 years after its original publication. ” —Library Journal

“Finally, a more entertaining way to not read The Great Gatsby than CliffsNotes . . .” —Comics Beat

“This respectable graphic adaptation of Fitzgerald’s canonical novel succeeds as homage, and mostly as a satisfying social critique in its own right. In the introduction, Fitzgerald’s great granddaughter, Blake Hazard, acknowledges the challenges inherent to adapting the 1925 classic to a comic, observing that “the language itself is in some ways the main character.” — Publishers Weekly