Volume 27, Number 2, Summer 2022 (#106)

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Sparrow: A Jokester Who Resembles a Surrealist  |  interviewed by Jim Feast
Robert Anthony Gibbons: From Hughes to Hurston to O’Hara  |  interviewed by David Moscovich


Genius Gives Birth: Kerouac at 100  |  by Steve Matuszak
The New Life  |  a comic by Gary Sullivan

PLUS: cover art by Jeffrey Scherer

She Lay Beside Still Water by Jeffrey Scherer


The Unwritten Book: An Investigation  |  Samantha Hunt  |  by Elizabeth McNeill
Lost & Found  |  Kathryn Schultz  |  by Kevin Brown
Names for Light: A Family History  |  Thirii Myo Kyaw Myint  |  by Trisha Collopy
For the Good of All Do Not Destroy the Birds |  Jennifer Moxley  |  by Dustin Michael
Dirt Road Revival: How To Rebuild Rural Politics and Why Our Future Depends On It  |  Chloe Maxmin and Canyon Woodward  |  by Thomas Rain Crowe
South To America: A Journey Below the Mason-Dixon to Understand the Soul of a Nation  |  Imani Perry  |  by Jonathan Shipley
Rip Tales: Jay DeFeo’s Estocada & Other Pieces  |  Jordan Stein  |  by Patrick James Dunagan
George Rickey: A Life in Balance  |  Belinda Rathbone  |  by Richard Kostelanetz


A New Name: Septology VI–VII  |  Jon Fosse  |  by Poul Houe
Chasing Homer  |  László Krasnahorkai  |  by Evan Burkin
A Beam of Sunlight in the Deep Forest  |  Édouard Schuré  |  by Yunus Tuncel
Sea of Tranquility  |   Emily St. John Mandel  |  by Allan Vorda
An Intent to Commit  |  Bernie Lambek  |  by George Longenecker
The Wrong Kind of Woman  |  Sarah McCraw Crow  |  by Ray Marsocci
Salka Valka  |  Halldór Laxness  |  by Rick Henry
Elephants in Our Yard  |  Meral Kureyshi  |  by Greg Bem


Be Brave to Things: The Uncollected Poetry and Plays of Jack Spicer  |  Jack Spicer  |  by Patrick James Dunagen
Revolutionary Letters: 50th Anniversary Edition  |  Diane di Prima  |  by Elisabeth Workman
Bamboophobia   |  Ko Ko Thett  |  by Greg Bem
In An Attic Palace Beneath A Slaughtered Sky  |  John Greiner  |  by Kevin Hinman
Mother Is A Body  |  Brandi Katherine Herrera  |  by Alissa Hattman
The Kids  |  Hannah Lowe  |  by John Bradley
The Sound of A Collective Pulse  |  Cristina M. R. Norcross  |  by Erica Goss
Headless John The Baptist Hitchhiking  |  C. T. Salazar  |  by Nick Hilbourn
Ceive  |  B. K. Fischer  |  by Sean Krauss
Instrument for Distributed Empathy Monetization  |  William Lessard  |  by Greg Bem
Ultramarine  |  Wayne Koestenbaum  |  by Patrick Davis


The Projector and Elephant  |  Martin Vaughn-James  |  by M. Kasper