Volume 26, Number 1 Spring 2021 (#101)

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Sara Schaff: The Invention of Love | interviewed by Nora Kipnis
Natasha D. Lane: Beyond Fantasy | interviewed by Augustine George, Aswin Prasanth, and Aswathi Moncy Joseph
Vijay Seshadri: The Art of Play | interviewed by John Wall Barger
Arthur Nersesian: Speculations | in conversation with Zack Kopp


From the Afterword to Barbara Guest’s Seeking Air | by Rachel Blau DuPlessis
The New Life | a comic by Gary Sullivan
The Adult Art of Reading Aloud | by Charles Holdefer


Cover art Dyani White Hawk


To Be A Man | Nicole Krauss | by Jeremiah Moriarty
Echo Bay | Masatsugu Ono
Earthlings | Sayaka Murata | by Barbra Roether
The Collected Breece D’J Pancake | Breece D’J Pancake | by Chris Via
The Unseen City | Amy Shearn | by Carolyn Linck
The Ancient Hours | Michael Bible | by Stephen Hundley
The Imago Stage | Karoline Georges | by Richard M. Henry
Hurricane Season | Fernanda Melchor | by Edward Stephens
Nineteen | Ancco | by Jeff Alford


Dante’s Bones: How A Poet Invented Italy | Guy P. Raffa | by Patrick James Dunagan
The Unreality of Memory: And Other Essays | Elisa Gabbert | by Fran Webber
Every Hour, Every Atom: A Collection of Walt Whitman’s Early Notebooks and Fragments | Walt Whitman | Zachary Turpin, Matt Miller, eds. | by Patrick James Dunagan
Tomboyland | Melissa Faliveno | by Annie Harvieux
Stockhausen Serves Imperialism | Cornelius Cardew | by Patrick James Dunagan
I Am Somebody: Why Jesse Jackson Matters | David Masciotra | by Spence Dew
We Are No Longer Babaylan | Elsa Valmidiano | by Jen Soriano
All The Young Men: A Memoir of Love, AIDS, and Chosen Family in the American South | Ruth Coker Burks | by Roger Barbee


Biography of Julie van Bartmann | Djuna Barnes | by Bryon Eliot Reiger
Breathing Technique | Marija Knežević | by Greg Bem
The Land of All Time | Clark Coolidge | by Matt Hill
A Juror Must Fold In On Herself | Kathleen McClung | by George Longenecker
Ain’t Never Not Been Black | Javon Johnson | by Christopher Luna
Same Faces | Albert Mobilio | by Patrick Pritchett
Music for the Dead and Resurrected | Valzhyna Mort | by Joseph Houlihan
Beowulf: A New Translation | Maria Dahvana Headley | by Greg Baldino
Pixel Flesh | Agustín Fernández Mallo | by Greg Bem
Inheritance | Taylor Johnson | by Walter Holland
Twice There Was A Country | Alen Hamza | by John Bradley

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Volume 26, Number 1 Spring 2021 (#101)