Volume 25 Number 3 Fall 2020 99

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Ander Monson: The Voice That Shows Up | interviewed by Kelly Lydick
Phil Christman: The Heartland of the Matter | interviewed by Aarik Danielsen
Yuko Otomo: Dropping Name Dropping | interviewed by Jim Feast
Indran Amirthanayagam: Born into Migration | interviewed by John Wall Barger


Aram Saroyan: Inventing Tradition | by Zack Kopp
The New Life: a comic | by Gary Sullivan


Cover art Leslie Barlow


Breasts and Eggs | Mieko Kawakami | by Chris Via
True Love | Sarah Gerard | by Annie Harvieux
Agitprop for Bedtime: Polemic, Story Problems, Kulturporn and Humdingers | Charles Holdefer | by Jonathan Harrington
Pew | Catherine Lacey | by Sarah Haas
Dear Edward | Ann Napolitano | by Ashton Cook
Little Gods | Meng Jin | by Subhraleena Deka
Walking: A Love Story | Toby Olson | by Douglas Messerli
Theft | Luke Brown | by Garry Craig Powell
August | Callan Wink | by Jared Hanks
The Helios Disaster | Linda Boström Knausgård | by Chris Via


Set the Night on Fire: L.A. in the Sixties | Mike Davis and Jon Wiener | by Paul Buhle
Citizen Reporters: S.S. McClure, Ida Tarbell, and the Magazine That Rewrote America | Stephanie Gorton | by George Longenecker
Grief’s Country | Gail Griffin | by Mandana Chaffa
Funny Weather: Art In An Emergency | Olivia Laing | by Sarah Haas
A Fish Growing Lungs | Alysia Li Ying Sawchyn | by Neesha Navare
The Nail in the Tree: Essays on Art, Violence, and Childhood | Carol Ann Davis | by Lee Rossi
Surrealism: Inside the Magnetic Fields | Penelope Rosemont | by Evelyn Landon


El Dorado Freddy’s: Chain Restaurants in Poems and Photographs | Danny Caine and Tara Wray | by Dallas Crow
The Donkey Elegies | Nickole Brown | by Barbara Roether
Collected Poems 1946–2016 | Harry Mathews | by W. C. Bamberger
Codex of Love: Bendita Ternura | Liliana Valenzuela | by Sheryl Luna
Because What Else Could I Do | Martha Collins | by Lynda Wheat
Multiverse: New and Selected Poems | Tzveta Sofronieva | by Timothy Otte
Obit | Victoria Chang | by Fran Webber
Ledger | Jane Hirshfield | by John Bradley


Portrait of a Drunk | Olivier Schrauwen, Florent Ruppert, and Jérome Mulot | by Jeff Alford
When Home Won’t Let You Stay: Migration Through Contemporary Art | Ruth Erickson and Eva Respini | by Poul Houe

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