Volume 20 Number 2 Summer 2015 (#78)

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Carla Harryman: Poetry as Polarity | by Gail Scott
Dan Simmons: The Fifth Heart | by Allan Vorda


Ordinary Details: Humor in the Work of Jane Cooper | by Celia Bland
Mnartists presents: Ken Avidor: The Urban Sketcher | by Nate Patrin
The New Life: a comic by Gary Sullivan
How Not to Read a Detective Novel | by Louis Phillips


Summer 2015-78-cover

Cover photograph by Vance Gellert



Ways of Curating | Hans Ulrich Obrist | by Jenn Mar
Conversations: Volume 1 | Jorge Luis Borges & Osvaldo Ferrari | by David Wiley
Thrown | Kerry Howley | by Renée E. D’Aoust
H is for Hawk | Helen Macdonald | by Catherine Rockwood
Fantastical: Tales of Bears, Beer and Hemophilia | Marija Bulatovic | by Scott F. Parker
Free Jazz / Black Power | Philippe Carles and Jean-Louis Comolli | by Patrick James Dunagan
In Tune: Charley Patton, Jimmie Rodgers, and the Roots of American Music | Ben Wynne | by Matthew Cheney
Juvenescence: A Cultural History Of Our Age | Robert Pogue Harrison | by Jim Kozubek
Understanding Dave Eggers | Timothy W. Galow | by Scott F. Parker
F.B. Eyes: How J. Edgar Hoover’s Ghostreaders Framed African American Literature | William J. Maxwell | by Spencer Dew


meant to wake up feeling | Aimee Herman | by Jay Besemer
We Mammals in Hospitable Times | Jynne Dilling Martin | by Michael Lindgren
A Particular Weight | Thressa Johnson | by Joshua Preston
The Poetry of Resistance: 33 Contemporary American Voices | Fred Whitehead, ed. | by Paul Buhle
The Cartographer’s Ink | Okla Elliott | by Vincent Czyz
Petrified Time: Poems from Makronisos | Yannis Ritsos | by John Bradley
Landscape with Plywood Silhouettes | Kerrin McCadden | by George Longenecker
Night Bus to the Afterlife | Peter Cooley | by Warren Woessner
The Poem She Didn’t Write and Other Poems | Olena Kalytiak Davis | by Paige Sullivan
Crimes Against Birds | Denton Loving | by Claire Shefchik


Dead Youth, or, The Leaks | Joyelle McSweeney | by Justin Maxwell
Matchbox Theatre | Michael Frayn | by James Naiden
The End of Days | Jenny Erpenbeck | by Christopher Fletcher
The Witch: And Other Tales Re-told | Jean Thompson | by Jessie Hausman
Time Ages in a Hurry | Antonio Tabucchi | by John Toren
Questionable Practices | Eileen Gunn | by Jane Franklin
Emails from Jennifer Cooper | Robert Scott | by Megan Hostutler
The Republic of Užupis | Haïlji | by Lori Feathers
Baboon | Naja Marie Aidt | by Daniel Evans Pritchard
John the Pupil | David Flusfeder | by Kelsey Irving Beson


Foolbert Funnies | Frank Stack | by Paul Buhle
Inner City Romance | Guy Colwell | by Paul Buhle

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