Vol. 8, No.4, Winter 2003 (#32)

Peter Gizzi, Susan Steinberg, Jean Frémon, Anne Waldman, Studs Terkel, Avram Davidson, and more...purchase now


Peter Gizzi: In The Moment of Looking | by Aaron Kunin
Susan Steinberg: Lines, images, and kids who drink cough syrup | by Doug Pond


The Many Shapes of Jean Frémon | by Karl Krause
The Travels of Knut Hamsun | by John Toren
Al Purdy: The Poetics of Memory | by M. David Dunn


Unearthed: Books from the Backlist | Moscow to the End of the Line by Venedikt Erofeev | by Alex Starace
Trial & Error | Jail by Jesús Zárate | by Kevin Carollo
Last Laugh | Shaquille O'Neal's Strange Interlude | by Louis Phillips



Two Serious Gentlemen  | Ron Padgett | by Mark Terrill
3000MPH In Every Direction At Once | Nick Mamatas | by Thomas Haley
It's A Man's World | Adam Parfrey | by Richard Kostelanetz
Race Music  | Guthrie P. Ramsey, Jr. | by Eric Mertz
The Mind Tree  | Tito Rajarshi Mukhopadhyay | by Greg Farnum
Gertrude Stein: The Language that Rises: 1923-1943  | Ulla E. Dydo | by Harriet Zinnes
Breakfast Served Any Time All Day | Donald Hal | by Nathan Greenwood Thompson
Alchemist of the Avant-Garde: the case of Marcel Duchamp  | John F. Moffitt | by Thomas Wiloch
I Promise to be Good | Arthur Rimbaud | by Laird Hunt
Reading the Illegible  | Craig Dworkin | by Bonnie Blader
The Grand Permission | Patricia Dienstfrey & Brenda Hillman, eds. | by Kimberly Fortier Gruidl
Shakespeare in Art  | edited by Jane Martieneau, et al. | by Will Clemens
Connected  | Steven Shaviro | by Rudi Dornemann
Boob Jubilee  | Thomas Frank & David Mulcahey, eds. | by Rick Canning
Strangely Like War  | Derrick Jensen & George Draffan | by Bob Jacobson
The Beggar King and the Secret of Happiness  | Joel ben Izzy | by Meleah Maynard
Spoken Here  | Mark Abley | by Doug Nufer
How Class Works | Stanley Aronowitz | by James Feast
Hope Dies Last | Studs Terkel | by Mark Sorkin


Rub Out  | Ed Barrett | by Richard Kostelanetz
Faultline  | Janet Tashjian | by Kelly Everding
Milkweed  | Jerry Spinelli | by Maureen Picard Robins
Limekiller!  | Avram Davidson | by David Cozy
Universal Recipients  | Dana Bath | by Kathleen Anderson
The Wave  | Caren Grussoff | by Kathleen Anderson
The Cutting Room  | Louise Welsh | by Hillary Reeves
Perfection  | Anita Mason | by Susann Cokal
A Dictionary of Maqiao  | Han Shaogong | by Lucas Klein
The Time Traveler's Wife  | Audrey Niffenegger | by Tricia Cornell
King Cophetua | Julien Gracq | by Susann Cokal
Stories From Another World  | Sheila Kohler | by Michelle Reale
| Julia Hilden | by Kyla Jones
The Gin Girl  | River Jordan | by Lynnell Edwards
Time Between Trains  | Anthony Bukoski | by William Bush
Politics  | Adam Thirwell | by Jessica Hoffmann
And Now You Can Go | Vendela Vida | by Ricky Opaterny
American Wives | Beth Helms | by Amy Eden Jollymore


In the Room of Never Grieve  | Anne Waldman | by Eric Lorberer
Child-And-Rose  | Gennady Aygi | by Hank Lazer
Enough  | Rick London & Leslie Scalapino, eds. | by Laura Hinton
The Miseries of Poetry  | Alexandra Papaditsas & Kent Johnson | by Tim Peterson
Letters: Poems 1953-1956  | Robert Duncan | by Christopher Luna
Carved Water  | Zhang Er | by James Feast
Ecstatic in the Poison  | Andrew Hudgins | by William D. Waltz
Torn Sky  | Debra Nystrom | by Erick Mertz
What Narcissism Means To Me | Tony Hoagland | by Sarah Fox
The Fatalist | Lyn Hejinian | by Jane Sprague
Cuttings from the Garden of Little Fears  | Lisa Bourbeau | by Rusty Morrison
The False Sun Recordings | James Wagner | by Stan McDonald
Nest  | Mei-mei Berssenbrugge | by W. B. Keckler


Ripple  | Dave Cooper | by Stepan Chapman
Dykes and Sundry Other Carbon-Based Life-Forms to Watch Out For  | Alison Bechdel | by Ramon L. Szczerba
Graphic Classics | by Paul Buhle

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