Vol. 7, No.3, Fall 2002 (#27)

Geoffrey O'Brien, Andreï Makine, Antonin Artaud, Guy Davenport, and more...purchase now


Interview with Geoffrey O'Brien | by Aaron Kunin


Music of a Life: the Fiction of Andreï Makine | essay by Jason Picone
Spectator, Spectre, Sitter: the Art of Antonin Artaud | essay by Clayton Eshleman
Knowledge as Delight: the Fiction of Guy Davenport | essay by David Cozy


Trial & Error | Hard Time: Voices from a State Prison, 1849-1914 edited by Ted Genoways | by Josie Rawson
The New Life | comic by Gary Sullivan
A Personal View: My Life in Heavy Jet Lag: How I (More or Less) Survived My Two-Month Reading Tour | by Steve Almond
The Last Laugh | humor by Louis Phillips



Barbed Wire  | Olivier Razac | by Brian Evenson
Grave Matters | Mark C. Taylor | by Steve Healey
Surrealism and the Sacred | Celia Rabinovitch | by George Kalamaras
Zig Zag Zen | Allan Hunt Badiner & Alex Gray, eds. | by Sarah Fox
The Mays of Ventadorn | W. S. Merwin | by John Toren
Drawing the Line | Steven M. Wise | by Sue Rich
Negotiating with the Dead | Margaret Atwood | by Brian Charles Clark
Transforming History | William Irwin Thompson | by Jaye C. Beldo
The Great Remembering | Peter Forbes | by John Colburn
History of the Surrealist Movement | Gerard Durozoi | by Jay Besemer
The Poet and the Murderer | Simon Worrall | by Mark Terrill
Octavio Paz: a meditation | Ilan Stavans | by Thomas Haley
Czech Photographic Avant-Garde    Vladimír Birgus    by Mark Wojahn
Bruce Nauman | Robert C. Morgan, ed. | by Brian Bergen-Aurand
The Story of My Typewriter | Paul Auster & Sam Messer | by Kelly Everding
Marcel Duchamp | Alice Goldfarb Marquis | by Tosh Berman
Edward Dorn | Tom Clark | by Mark Terrill
Gnostic Contagion | Peter O'Leary | by Dan Featherston
World on Fire | Michael Brownstein | by Thomas Haley
Paratextual Communities | Susan Vanderborg | by Grant M. Jenkins
'Pataphysics | Christian Bök | by Bonnie Blader


Mad Toy | Roberto Arlt | by Mary Sarko
Youth | J. M. Coetzee | by Eric J. Iannelli
The Contortionist's Handbook | Craig Clevenger | by Jennifer Gieseking
The Metal Shredders | Nancy Zafris | by Anitra Budd
Touch Wood | Joe Ashby Porter | by Carrie Mercer
Courting Laura Providencia | Jack Pulaski | by Wayne F. Burke
The Fortune Catcher | Susanne Pari | by Michelle Reale
Exit Strategy | Douglas Rushkoff | by Doug Nufer
The Book of Illusions | Paul Auster | by Laird Hunt
Nectar | Lily Prior | by Carol Ann Sima
You're an Animal, Viskovitz! | Alessandro Boffa | by Jonathan Shipley
Simply Separate People | Lynn Crawford | by Aaron Kunin
City of Saints and Madmen | Jeff VanderMeer | by Rudi Dornemann
Cries in the New Wilderness | Mikhail N. Epstein | by Tricia Cornell
I. | Stephen Dixon | by Eric Lorberer


Never & All Things | Jorie Graham | by Cole Swensen
Fuck You-Aloha-I Love You | Juliana Spahr | by Ken Rumble
A Border Comedy | Lyn Hejinian | by Robert Baker
Extreme Directions | Alice Jones | by Helen Ruggieri
Apparation Hill & Among the Musk Ox People | Mary Ruefle | by Arielle Greenberg
Arbor Vitae | Jane Augustine | by Daniela Gioseffi
Writing To Be Seen | Bob Grumman & Craig Hill, eds. | by Jeff Hansen
Spar | Karen Volkman | by Daniel Sumrall
The Evening Sun | David Lehman | by Brent Terry
Hip Logic | Terrance Hayes | by Lynnell Edwards
Some Vague Wife | Kathy Lou Schultz | by Rebecca Weaver


What the Wine-Sellers Buy | Ron Milner | by Justin Maxwell


My Name is Captain, Captain | Judd Morrissey & Lori Talley | by Lance Olsen


Summer Blonde | Adrian Tomine | by john Eisler
PopImage Volume I: The Time of Change | Christopher Butcher, ed. | by Eric Lorberer
The Language of Comics | Robert Varnum & Christina T. Gibbons, eds. | by Eric Lorberer

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