Vol. 6, No.3, Fall 2001 (#23)

James Tate, Dorothea Tanning, Rabelais, Ron Padgett, Pierre Joris, and more...purchase now


James Tate | interviewed by Eric Lorberer
Dorothea Tanning | interviewed by Kelly Everding


Notes of a Former Rabelaisian | essay by David Wiley


The New Life | a comic by Gary Sullivan
Trial & Error | When the State Kills by Austin Sarat | reviewed by Peter Ritter
Last Laugh | humor by Louis Phillips



Blues for a Black Cat | Boris Vian | by James Sallis
Black Lace | Barbara Henning | by Thomas Haley
Cold Water Burning | John Straley | by Alan DeNiro
Silent Extras | Arnon Grunberg | by Kyla Jones
A Nurse's Story and Others | Peter Baida | by Julie Madsen
Stranger Things Happen | Kelly Link | by Kelly Everding
Mirabilis | Susann Cokal | by Kris Lawson
The Televisionary Oracle | Rob Brezsny | Rob O'Brien
Here Lies | David Gilbert & Karl Roeseler, eds. | by Rudi Dornemann
Where the Rocks Started | Marc Atherton | by John Olson
Choke | Chuck Palahniuk | by Trevor Dodge
The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things | J T Leroy | by Douglas A. Martin
Among the Missing | Dan Chaon | by Jonathan Shipley
Chum | Mark Spitzer | by Jennifer Kohnhorst


The Straight Line & Poems I Guess I Wrote | Ron Padgett | by Gregory Farnum
The History of the Invitation    Tony Towle    by Steve Healey
Song of the World Becoming | Pattiann Rogers | by Cindra Halm
The Vulnerability of Order | Martine Bellen | by Jeffrey Shotts
Savage Baggage | Roger Mitchell | by Dobby Gibson
Alpha Ruins | Charles Borkhuis | by John Olson
Lawrence Booth's Book of Visions | Maurice Manning | by Ben Lytal
Animal Soul | Bob Hicok | by William D. Waltz
Tremolo | Spencer Short | by Noah E. Gordon
Satellite | Matthew Rohrer | by Josie Rawson
Bed Hangings  | Susan Howe & Susan Bee | by Ken Rumble
Hard Evidence | Timothy Liu | by Charisse Gendron
Poasis | Pierre Joris | by Jen Hofer


Ann the Word | Richard Francis | by Josie Rawson
Propaganda and the Public Mind | David Barsamian & Noam Chomsky | by John Colburn
Pure Immanence | Gilles Deleuze | by Jason Picone
Snow in the Kingdom  | Ed Webster | by Henry Everding
Mariners, Renegades, & Castaways | C. L. R. James | by Theodore Pelton
Surrealist Experiences | Penelope Rosemont | by George Kalamaras
Surrealist Painters and Poets | Mary Ann Caws, ed. | by Marc Lowenthal
The Look of Architecture | Witold Rybczynski | by Carrie Mercer
Halls of Fame | John D'Agata | by Kim Fortier
The Accidental Adventurer | Barbara Washburn with Lew Freedman | by Carrie Mercer
Starry Night | David H. Levy | by Ryder W. Miller
Ex Libris | Ralph Gibson | by Tim Peterson
Raymond Pettibon | Robert Storr, Dennis Cooper, Ulrich Loock, eds. | by Arielle Greenberg
Birds | Jim Dine | by Eric Lorberer
Close Friends | Andrew Wyeth | by Will Clemens
Stuffed Animals and Pickled Heads | Stephen T. Asma | by Allison Slavick
Water from a Bucket | Charles Henri Ford | by Charles Plymell
J. R. R. Tolkien | Tom Shippey | by Brad Jacobson
Vow to Poetry | Anne Waldman | by Maria Damon
Affectionately, Marcel The Selected Correspondence Of Marcel Duchamp | Francis M. Naumann & Hector Obalk, eds. | by Mark Wojahn
Beerspit Night and Cursing: The Correspondence Of Charles Bukowski & Sheri Martinelli, 1960-1967 | Steven Moore, ed. | by Rebecca Weaver
The Book of Changes | Kristine McKenna | by Melissa Maerz


Come in Alone | Warren Ellis | by Rudi Dornemann
Marbles in my Underpants | Renée French | by Gary Sullivan

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