Vol. 5, No.2, Summer 2000 (#18)

Bill Knott, Ursule Molinaro, Lyn Hejinian & Bob Perelman, Anne Carson, Barbara Guest, and more...purchase now


Bill Knott | interviewed by Brian Beatty
Ursule Molinaro | interviewed by Bruce Benderson
Lyn Hejinian & Bob Perelman: On Language Poetry Then and Now | interviewed by Eric Lorberer


Anne Carson: A Dream Logic | Men in the Off Hours and Economy of the Unlost | reviewed by Carolyn Kuebler
Barbara Guest: Now Leaving Modernity | Rocks on a PlatterThe Confetti Trees, and Quill: A Solitary Apparition | reviewed by Aaron Kunin


The Writer Reads | Clayton Eshleman on Michael Palmer
The New Life | comic by Gary Sullivan
Widely Unavailable | Paola Mantegazza |  by Carolyn Kuebler
Critical Issues | humor by Erik Belgum & Gary Sullivan



Othermindedness | Michael Joyce |  by Rudi Dornemann
The End of Books-or Books Without End? | J. Yellowlees Douglas |  by Rudi Dornemann
You Can't Win | Jack Black |  by Cristopher Fischbach
Live at the Fillmore East | Amalie R. Rothschild |  by Thomas Rain Crowe
Like It Was | James Koller |  by Thomas Rain Crowe
The Best of Myles and Further Cuttings from Cruiskeen Lawn | Flann O'Brien | by Brian Evenson
The Arcades Project | Walter Benjamin |  by Amy Borden
A Postcard Memoir | Lawrence Sutin |  by C.K. Hubbuch
Extreme Exposure | Jo Bonney, ed. |  by Anne Ursu
The Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales | Jack Zipes, ed. |  by Kelly Everding
Kenneth Patchen: Rebel Poet in America | Larry Smith |  by Brian Beatty
Borges and His Fiction | Gene H. Bell-Villada |  by David Wiley
The Spirit of Britain | Roy Strong |  by Kris Lawson
Learning to Glow: A Nuclear Reader | John Bradley, ed. |  by Josie Rawson
Screen Tests, Portraits, Nudes 1964-1996 | Gerard Malanga |  by Elizabeth Culbert
Chaining the Sun: Portraits by Jeremiah Gurney | Christian A. Peterson |  by Randall Heath


Being Dead | Jim Crace |  by Robert Baker
Ravelstein | Saul Bellow |  by Eric Iannelli
The Sky Unwashed | Irene Zabytko |  by Tim Brown
Evolution's Darling | Scott Westerfield |  by Alan DeNiro
The Robber | Robert Walser |  by Stephen Clair
The Toy Collector | James Gunn |  by James Ritter
Renato's Luck | Jeff Shapiro |  by Sarah Fox
Little Novels of Italy | Giovanni Verga |  by Sarah Fox
Temple of the Rat | Dennis Barone |  by Catherine Kasper
Up the Junction | Nell Dunn |  by Robert Stout
Manhattan Loverboy | Arthur Nersesian |  by Paul D. Dickinson
Modern Love and Other Tall Tales | Greg Boyd |  by Christopher Tinney
Outline of My Lover | Douglas A. Martin |  by Astra Taylor
The Silk Road | Jane Summer |  by Brad Jacobson
Body Work | Hollis Seamon |  by Meleah Maynard
A Place Called Milagro de la Paz | Manlio Argueta |  by Mary Sarko
The Chinese Garden | Rosemary Manning |  by Charisse Gendron
The Feast of Love | Charles Baxter |  by Joseph Clark
Paradiso | José Lezama Lima |  by David Auerbach


Enola Gay | Mark Levine |  by Steve Healey
The Garrett Caples Reader | Garrett Caples |  by Max Winter
Catafalques and Ghost Light | Eric Basso |  by Samuel Appelbaum
Cloud-Net | Cecilia Vicuña |  by Maria Damon
Grace | John Barr |  by Alan DeNiro
Point and Line | Thalia Field |  by Kim Fortier
HIV, Mon Amour | Tory Dent |  by Melanie Figg
Marriage: A Sentence | Anne Waldman |  by Chris McCreary
Freud in Brooklyn | Joanna Fuhrman |  by John Olson
One Above and One Below | Erin Belieu |  by Michael Opperman
Post Meridian | Mary Ruefle |  by Steve Healey
Carolina Ghost Woods | Judy Jordan |  by Fred Schmalz


Safe Area Gorazde | Joe Sacco |  by Safe Area Gorazde
The Aesthetics of Comics | David Carrier |  by John Eisler

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