Vol. 5, No.1, Spring 2000 (#17)

Quincy Troupe, Duncan McLean, Francesco Clemente, W. G. Sebald, Marjorie Welish, and more...purchase now


Quincy Troupe: Bebop Wordsmith | interviewed by Fred Schmalz
Duncan McLean: "New" Scottish Writing | interviewed by Alexander Laurence


Francesco Clemente: The Poetics of Portraiture | Francesco Clemente: A Portrait and Life is Paradise: the Portraits of Francesco Clemente | by Sarah Fox
W. G. Sebald: History as Memoir | by David Auerbach
Press Profile: The Post-Apollo Press | by John Olson
Marjorie Welish: Annotated Art | Signifying Art and The Annotated "Here" & Selected Poems | by Harriet Zinnes


Widely Unavailable: Conjure by Ishmael Reed | reviewed by Brian Beatty
The New Life: a comic | by Gary Sullivan
Critical Issues: humor | by Erik Belgum & Gary Sullivan



Arcana | John Zorn, ed. |  by William D. Waltz
Writing Jazz | David Meltzer |  by Steve Healey
As Serious As Your Life | Valerie Wilmer | by Brian Engel
Infinite Variety | Scot D. Ryersson, Michael Orlando Yaccarino |  by Rod Smith
A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius | Dave Eggers |  by Brad Zellar
Dreams Within a Dream | Michael Bliss |  by Amy Borden
A Woman Who . . .  | Yvonne Rainer |  by Lucinda Ebersole
Local News | Diane Keaton, ed. |  by Steve Healey
Monument | Lynn Davis |  by Eric Lorberer
Mike Kelley | John C. Welchman, Isabelle Graw, Anthony Vidler |  by Stephen Mohring
The Objectivist Nexus | DuPlessis and Quartermain, eds. |  by Darrin Daniel
Caws & Causeries | Anselm Hollo |  by Eric Lorberer
Avant Gardening  | Peter Lamborn Wilson, Bill Weinberg, eds. |  by Jason and Chris Fischbach
A Reporter at Large | A. J. Leibling |  by Josie Rawson
Wandering Time | Luis Alberto Urreav |  by Jeffrey Shotts
Over the Lip of the World | Colleen J. McElroy |  by Todd Matthews
No More Prisons | William Upski Wimsatt |  by Todd Matthews
Interviews with Icons | Lisa Law |  by Thomas Rain Crowe


The Dress Lodger | Sheri Holman |  by Brad Jacobson
Dreams at the End of the Night | Ewald Murrer |  by Catherine Kasper
Chronicles of Air and Dreams | Rosa Martha Villarreal |  by Mary Sarko
City Sister Silver | Jachym Topol |  by Peter Ritter
Never to Return | Esther Tusquets |  by Carolyn Kuebler
Time For Robo | Peter Plagens |  by David Wiley
Aliens & Anorexia | Chris Kraus  |  by Randi Hoffman
Scar Vegas and Other Stories  | Tom Paine |  by Joseph Clark
Mysticus | Randall Silvis |  by Alan DeNiro
Two Moons | Thomas Mallon |  by Christopher Tinney
Jack, The Lady Killer | H. R. F. Keating |  by Kris Lawson
The Fly-Truffler | Gustaf Sobin |  by Catherine Kasper
Mambo Hips and Make Believe | Wanda Coleman |  by Elizabeth Millard
The Book of Franza & Requiem for Fanny Goldman | Ingeborg Bachmann |  by Elizabeth Millard
The Inland Sea | Steven Varni |  by Jonathan Shipley
The Truly Needy | Lucy Honig |  by Meleah Maynard
Other People's Mail | Gail Pool, ed. |  by Cristopher Tinney
The Case of the Pederast's Wife | Clare Elfman |  by Catherine Kasper
The Boys Across the Street | Rick Sandford |  by Thomas Fagan
Bios | Robert Charles Wilson |  by Ted Brown


Loteria Cards and Fortune Poems | Artemio Rodriguez, Juan Felipe Herrera |  by Rikki Ducornet
Hotel Imperium | Rachel Loden |  by Fred Muratori
Cultural Evidence | Catalina Cariaga |  by Jen Hofer
Beautiful Wreckage | W. D. Ehrhart |  by John Bradley
Selected Poems of Max Jacob | William Kulik, ed. |  by Kelly Everding
The Constructor | John Koethe |  by Max Winter
Poems from Naltsus Bichidin | Carl Thayler |  by Mark Wallace
Totem and Shadow | Paul Hoover |  by John Olson
Species | Michael Friedman |  by Patrick Pritchett
Nostos | V. Penelope Pelizzon |  by Sarah Fox
Art Poetic | Olivier Cadiot |  by Kim Fortier
H.J.R. | Pierre Joris |  by Christopher Fischbach
Plasticville | David Trinidad |  by Juliet Patterson
The Cartographer's Vacation  | Andrea Cohen |  by Josie Rawson


300 | Frank Miller & Lynn Varley |  by Rudi Dornemann
Goodbye, Chunky Rice | Craig Thompson |  by Eric Lorberer
Dear Julia | Brian Biggs |  by Eric Lorberer
Dori Stories: the Complete Dori Seda | Don Donahue & Kate Kane, eds. |  by John Eisler


A Hundred Camels in the Courtyard  | Paul Bowles |  by Eric Lorberer
A Coney Island of the Mind | Lawrence Ferlinghetti |  by Scott Bohr
Exploring the Art and Science of Stopping Time | Harold E. Edgerton |  by Rudi Dornemann

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