Vol. 3, No.4, Winter 1998 (#12)

Anne Waldman, Harry Mathews, Oulipo, R. Crumb, and more...


Anne Waldman | interviewed by Eric Lorberer
Harry Mathews | interviewed by Rain Taxi


Mary Butts From Chimney-Piece to Altar | essay by Carolyn Kuebler
The Oulipo, An Introduction | essay by Marc Lowenthal
Press Profile: Nazraeli Pressessay | by Eric Lorberer
Sortilege: On Mary Caponegro: Two Fictions | essay by Rikki Ducornet


Adversaria: Quotations courtesy of Rick Moody
Widely Unavailable: The Asiatics by Frederic Prokosch | reviewed by Brad Zellar
The Writer Reads: Samuel R. Delany on Vincent Czyz
The New Life: a comic | by Gary Sullivan



Serendipities | Umberto Eco | by Jason Kuykendall
Keeping Literary Company | Jerome Klinkowitz | by Jason Kuykendall
Mad to be Saved | David Sterritt | by Jack Granath
Alien Dawn & The Books in My Life | Colin Wilson | by Ted Brown & Kelly Everding
Francesca Woodman | Hervé Chandès | by Randall Heath
Jenny Holzer  | David Joselit, Joan Simon, Renata Salecl |   by Emily Streight
The Last Avant-Garde | David Lehman | by Chris Fischbach
Your Vigor for Life Appalls Me | R. Crumb | by Chase Madar
Online exclusive:
The Life and Times of R. Crumb | edited by Monte Beauchamp
The R. Crumb Coffee Table Art Book | R. Crumb | by Eric Lorberer
The Continual Pilgrimage | Christopher Sawyer-Lauçanno | by Mark Terrill
Open Me Carefully | Emily Dickinson |  by S. P. Healey
Of Time & Change | Frank Waters |  by Quay Grigg
The Kingdom of Zydeco | Michael Tisserand | by Jon Rodine
Chokecherry Places | Merrill Gilfillan | by Paul Bogard
Fugitive Poses |  Gerald Vizenor | by Heid Erdrich
Off the Reservation  | Paula Gunn Allen | by Heid Erdrich
The Cold-and-Hunger Dance | Diane Glancy | by Heid Erdrich
Trans Liberation | Leslie Feinberg | by E. J. Leby
Yours in Sisterhood | Amy Erdman Farrell | by Margaret Lazarus Dean


Ill Lit  | Franz Wright | by Brett Ralph
Haiku | Richard Wright | by Sarah Fox
The Forgiveness | Parade Jeffrey McDaniel | by William D. Waltz
Routine Disruptions | Kenward Elmslie | by Gary Sullivan
There are Three | Donald Revell | by Brian Beatty
Quarry | Joanna Rawson | by Juliet Patterson
Jackknife & Light | Michelle Murphy | by Leola Abraham
Forms of Prayer at the Hotel Edison | Kevin Bowen | by Brian Foye
Smokes | Susan Wheeler | by Juliet Patterson
Things are Happening  | Joshua Beckman | by S. P. Healey
A Season in Granada | Federico García Lorca | by Frank Johnson


Cartesian Sonata | William H. Gass | by David Auerbach
The Last Voyage & Other Stories | James Hanley | by Robert Zaller
Flight of Angels | Ellen Gilchrist | by Lucinda Ebersole
Missing Women and Others | June Spence | by Lucinda Ebersole
Soft! | Rupert Thomson | by Brad Zellar
Billy Verité | Rick Harsch | by Kris Lawson
Fetish Lives | Gail Jones | by Nikki Dillon
The Last Rock Star Book | Camden Joy | by Steven Moore
The Tattooed Soldier | Héctor Tobar | by Brian Schwartz
Lenoir | Ken Greenhall | by Sarah Ball Taylor
Early Sorrows | Danilo Kis | by David Auerbach
Jungle Wedding | Joseph Clark | by Phil Presby
Father of Lies | Brian Evenson |  by Xandra Coe
The Double | Don Webb | by Peter Plate
The Best of Crank! | Bryan Cholfin, ed. |  by Barth Anderson
The Girl in the Flammable Skirt | Aimee Bender | by Anne Ursu
Darkest Desire | Anthony Schmitz | by Christopher Tinney
And a Body to Remember With | Carmen Rodriguez | by David Kissinger
A New & Glorious Life | Michelle Herman | by Carolyn Kuebler
Highway Trade | John Domini | by Phil Presby


Cages | Dave McKean | by Rudi Dornemann
Stardust | Neil Gaiman & Charles Vess |by Rudi Dornemann
Comics: Between the Panels | Steve Duin & Mike Richardson | by Dave Kettering


Lolita | Vladimir Nabokov, performed by Jeremy Irons | by Amy Halloran

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