Vol. 3, No.3, Fall 1998 (#11)

Frank Stanford, John Yau, Jane Bowles, Julián Ríos, and more...purchase now


John Yau | interviewed by Brian Evenson
Julian Rios | interviewed by Alexander Laurence


Jane Bowles | essay by Harrison Nutkins
Frank Stanford | reviews by Greg Bachar and Brett Ralph
Lost Roads | essay by Eric Lorberer
Death of the Author | essay by Ruth Andrews


Adversaria: Quotations courtesy of Marjorie Perloff
Widely Unavailable: In The Future Perfect | Walter Abish | by Brian Evenson
The Writer Reads: Richard Grossman on Paul Valery



Joseph Cornell's Vision of Spiritual Order | Lindsay Blair |  by Randall Heath
Shadows of a Hand | Victor Hugo |  by Jon Rodine
Crossing Borders | Rigoberta Menchu |  by Josie Rawson
The Story of Mary MacLane | Mary MacLane |  by Rebecca Harrison
Heading South, Looking North | Ariel Dorfman |  by Mary Sarko
Living Stories of the Cherokee | Barbara R. Duncan, ed. |  by Thomas Rain Crowe
Ecology of Fear | Mike Davis |  by C. K. Hubbuch
Man Is Wolf to Man | Janusz Bardach & Kathleen Gleeson |  by Michael Leville
The Tel Quel Reader | Patrick French & Roland-François Lack, eds. |  by David Clippinger
Close Listening | Charles Bernstein, ed. |  by Gerald Schwartz
Post-Porn Modernist | Annie Sprinkle |  by Kelly Everding
Suits Me: The Double Life of Billy Tipton | Diane Wood Middlebrook |  by Jason Kuykendall
Gay and After | Alan Sinfield | by Alan Sinfield
Monstrous Possibility | Curtis White | Christopher Sorrentino


The Redshifting Web | Arthur Sze |  by Tony Barnstone
Bite Every Sorrow  | Barbara Ras |  by Sarah Fox
Entire Dilemma | Michael Burkard |  by S.P. Healey
The Lion Bridge | Michael Palmer |  by Eric Lorberer
Giscome Road | C. S. Giscombe |  by Mark Nowak
And Still Birds Sing | Lucien Stryk |  by Jack Granath
Chalkmarks on Stone | Carol Moldaw |  by Frances O. Dowell
Lost Wax | Heather Ramsdell |  by Kelly Everding
Mysteries of Small Houses | Alice Notley |  by Chris Fischbach
Chtcheglov | Samuel Appelbaum |  by Emily Streight
Orphic Songs | Dino Campana |  by Thomas Sanflip


Two Cities | John Edgar Wideman |  by Rudi Dornemann
Writing and No More | Marguerite Duras |  by Lucinda Ebersole
Shimmer | Sarah Schulman |  by Charisse Gendron
The Mammary Plays | Paula Vogel |  by Anne Ursu
Salman the Solitary | Yashar Kemal |  by Aron Aji
Last Love in Constantinople | Milorad Pavic |  by Rachel Pollack
Blood Ties | Jennifer Lash |  by Carolyn Kuebler
The Willow Tree Hubert | Selby Jr. |  by Phil Presby
Too Cool | Duff Brenna |  by Thomas E. Kennedy
The Winter Dance Party Murders | Greg Herriges |  by Lance Olsen
Justine | Alice Thompson |  by Deborah J. Safran
One Thousand and One-Second Stories | Inagaki Taruho |  by Brett Stricherz
A German Picturesque | Jason Schwartz |  by Carolyn Kuebler
Dunce Cap | Alison Bundy |  by Kelly Everding
The Stillest Day | Josephine Hart |  by Anne Ursu
Darwinia Robert | Charles Wilson |  by Carol Ann Sima
The River Warren | Kent Meyers |  by Tim W. Brown
Tomcat in Love | Tim O'Brien |  by Chris Fischbach
The Talking of Hands | Robert Alexander, et al., eds. |  by Samantha Kirk
The Silent Duchess | Dacia Maraini |  by Sarah Ball Taylor
Memories of my Father Watching TV | Curtis White |  by Christopher Sorrentino


A Child's Life | Phoebe Gloeckner |  by Eric Lorberer
My War with Brian | Ted Rall |  by Eric Lorberer
The Little Man | Chester Brown |  by Eric Lorberer

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