Vol. 2, No.2, Summer 1997 (#6)

Ivan Klima, Robert Walser, Curbstone Press, and more...purchase now


Ivan Klima | interviewed by Randall Heath
Greg Boyd | interviewed by Eric Lorberer


Robert Walser: Education of an Untermensch | by John S. Beckmann
Press Profile: Curbstone Press | by Josie Rawson
A Sense of Speech | an essay by Christopher Sorrentino



Words For The Taking | Neil Bowers |  by Jack Granath
The Abstract Wild  | Jack Turner |  by Michael Wiegers
Diary of a Left-Handed Birdwatcher | Leonard Nathan |  by Michael Wiegers
An Intimate Distance | Rosemary Betterton |  by Kathleen McGee
Kicking The Pricks | Derek Jarman |  by Thomas Fagan
A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again | David Foster Wallace |  by Paul Maliszewski
The United States of Jasper Johns  | John Yau |  by Brian Evenson
The Films of Theo Angelopoulos | Andrew Horton |  by Jack Granath
Jack Kerouac Angelheaded Hipster | Steve Turner |  by William D. Waltz


The Figured Wheel  | Robert Pinsky |  by S.P. Healey
Watchfiends & Rack Screams | Antonin Artaud |  by Eric Lorberer
707 Scott Street | John Wieners |  by Brian Foyer
Tremble | C.D. Wright |  by Rikki Ducornet
Brief Landing on the Earth's Surface | Juanita Brunk |  by Dallas Crow
Lowell Connector | Clark Coolidge, et al |  by Brian Foye
Models of the Universe | Stuart Friebert & David Young, eds. |  by Eric Lorberer
Resurrection Update | James Galvin |  by Eric Lorberer
Seizures of the Sun | Meschach McLachlan |  by Ruth Andrews
Imagination Verses | Jennifer Moxley |  by Ruth Andrews
Response | Juliana Spahr |  by Ruth Andrews
Symmetry | Laura Moriarty |  by Ruth Andrews


Gould | Stephen Dixon |  by Kelly Everding
The Age of Wire and String | Ben Marcus |  by Rikki Ducornet
Collected Stories | Arno Schmidt |  by Carolyn Kuebler
Fettered For Life Lillie | Devereux Blake |  by Sarah Ball Taylor
The Book of Lamentations | Rosario Castellanos |  by Carolyn Kuebler
Fugitive Pieces | Anne Michaels |  by Melanie Miller
Othello Blues | Harold Jaffe |  by Rudi Dornemann
Will You Hold Me | Christopher Kenworthy |  by Paul D. Dickinson
Snitch Factory | Peter Plate |  by Paul D. Dickinson
The Celibacy Club | Janice Eidus |  by Paul D. Dickinson
As She Climbed Across the Table | Jonathan Lethem |  by Carol Ann Sima
City in Love | Alex Shakar |  by Steve Tomasula
Hallucinating Foucault | Patricia Duncker |  by Rick Henry
Unreal City | Thomas Kennedy |  by Allen Hibbard
The Hashish Man | Lord Dunsany |  by Kris Lawson


The Designated Mourner | Wallace Shawn |  by Kelly Everding
The Old Sarge | Harrison Nutkins & Meglio Squilla |  by Barry Alfonso

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