Vol. 17, No.4, Winter 2012 (#68)

Devin McKinney, E. J. Levy, Tim Nolan, Virginia Woolfe, Bern Porter, Charles North, David Ferry, and much more... purchase now


Devin McKinney: Ghost Worldinterviewed by Dylan Hicks
Tim Nolan: Poems Are Everywhereinterviewed by Elizabeth Burns
E. J. Levy: What E. J. Levy And I Talk About When We Talk About Loveinterviewed by Derek Askey


Danilo Kiš: The Ethics Of Aesthetics Of Ethicsby Trevor Laurence Jockims
Bern Porter Rememberedby Richard Kostelanetz
Mnartists.org Presents: Nice Fish: An Interview With Louis Jenkins & Mark Rylanceby Connie Waneck


The New Lifeby Gary Sullivan
Chapbook Corner:
Penumbra | Serena Chopra | by Erin M. Bertram 
Sink Your Teeth Into The Light | Joshua Michael Stewart | by Amy Henry



Dublinesque | Enrique Vila-Matas | by John Pistelli
Exile | Jakob Ejersbo | by Poul Houe
The Revised Fundamentals Of Caregiving | Jonathan Evison | by Amy Henry
A Hologram For The King | Dave Eggers | by Joshua Willey
Dora: A Headcase | Lydia Yuknavitch | by Madelon Sprengnether
The World Without You | Joshua Henkin | by Claire Shefchik
Daniel Fights A Hurricane | Shane Jones | by Robert Martin
Revelation | Colin Winnette | by Joshua Philip Cook
The World Through The Eyes Of Angels | Mahmoud Saeed | by Spencer Dew
This Beautiful Place | Tankred Dorst & Ursula Ehler | by Allie Curry
Favorite Monster | Sharma Shields | by Peter Grandbois
Falcons On The Floor | Justin Sirois | by Mark Wallace
Mumbai Noir | Altaf Tyrewala, ed. | by Graziano Krätli
A Voyage To The Island Of The Articoles | André Maurois | by Ryder W. Miller
What Happened To Sophie Wilder | Christopher R. Beha | by Matthew Duffus
The Devil In The Flesh | Raymond Radiquet | by Greg Bachar


Hip Hop Apsara | Anne Elizabeth Moore | by Greg Baldino
Robert Duncan: Aambassador From Venus  Lisa Jarnot & A Poet’s Mind: Collected Interviews With Robert Dunchan, 1960–1985 | Christopher Wagstaff, Ed. | by Patrick James Dunagan
Every Love Story Is A Ghost Story: A Life Of David Foster Wallace | D. T. Max | by David Wiley
Why Does The World Exist? An Existential Detective Story | Jim Holt | by James Naiden
Horizon’s Lens My Time On The Turning World | Elizabeth Dodd | by Justin Wadland
Winter Journal | Paul Auster | by Amy Henry
Something Like The Gods A Cultural History Of The Athlete From Achilles To Lebron | Stephen Amidon | by Scott F. Parker
On Being Ill With Notes From Sick Rooms by Julia Stephen | Virginia Woolf | by Charisse Gendron


Bewilderment | David Ferry | by Raphael Allison
In Time’s Rift | Ernst Meister | by Martin Balgach
Continuous Frieze Bordering Red | Michelle Naka Pierce | by Cindra Halm
Shortly Thereafter | Colin D. Halloran | by Barret Warner
Engine Empire | Cathy Park Hong | by Rachel Trousdale
Road Scatter | Sandra Meek | by Lightsey Darst
Transfer Fat | Aase Berg | by Megan Milks
What It Is Like | Charles North | by Terence Diggory


The Graphic Canon: Volumes 1 & 2 | Russ Kick, Ed. | by Paul Buhle

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