Vol. 17, No.2, Summer 2012 (#66)

Tom Bissell, Tony Rauch, Alison Bechdel, Lyn Hejinian, CAConrad, Brian Evenson, and much more... purchase now


Tom Bissell Gets Down To Business | interviewed by Scott F. Parker
Tony Rauch: Escaping the Rules of Genre | interviewed by Laura Winton


Quilted Hay, or How to Write the World’s Worst Novels | by Louis Phillips
The Word: What the Hell Is It? | essay by Allan Kornblum
mnartists.org Reads Dylan Hicks | by Jay Orff


The New Life | by Gary Sullivan
Chapbook Corner | by Steven Teref
featuring The World Will Deny It For You  | by Janaka Stucky



Immobility | Brian Evenson | reviewed by Shane Joaquin Jimenez
The Secret of Evil | Roberto Bolaño | reviewed by Joshua Willey
Mostly Redneck | Rusty Barnes | reviewed by Robert Martin
The Odds | Stewart O’Nan | reviewed by Sean Doyle
Thrown into Nature | Milen Ruskov | reviewed by Steven Wingate
Child Wonder | Roy Jacobsen | reviewed by Amy Henry
The Last Warner Woman | Kei Miller | reviewed by Michelle Wallin
Short Tails | Yuriy Tarnawsky | reviewed by Martin Nakell
The Great Lover | Michael Cisco | reviewed by David Rice
Zipper Mouth | Laurie Weeks | reviewed by Sarah Mintz
American Masculine | Shann Ray | reviewed by Rachel Bara
Country of the Bad Wolfes | James Carlos Blake | reviewed by Kristin Thiel
Crash & Tell | Lori Baker | reviewed by Megan Coyle
Lost Memory of Skin | Russell Banks | reviewed by Douglas Messerli
Stay Awake | Dan Chaon | reviewed by Benjamin Woodard


Tortured Artists: From Picasso And Monroe To Warhol And Winehouse, The Twisted Secrets Of The World’s Most Creative Minds | Christopher Zara | reviewed by Jacob M. Appel
The Collected Writings of Joe Brainard | Ron Padgett, ed. | reviewed by Patrick James Dunagan
Wonderful Investigations: Essays, Meditations, Tales | Dan Beachy-Quick | reviewed by Justin Wadland
Travel: A Literary History | Peter Whitfield | reviewed by John Toren
The Grand Canyon Reader | Lance Newman, ed. | reviewed by Ryder W. Miller
The Sexual History of London: From Roman Londinium To The Swinging City—Lust, Vice, And Desire Across The Ages | Catharine Arnold | reviewed by Malcolm Forbes
Berlin Stories | Robert Walser | reviewed by Rebecca Gans
Grantland No. 1 | Bill Simmons, ed. | reviewed by Robert Martin
Visual Culture: 2nd Edition, Fully Revised And Updated | Richard Howells & Joaquim Negreiros, eds. |  reviewed by Brooke Horvath
The Art of the Secret World of Arrietty | Hiromasa Yonebayashi | reviewed by Kelly Everding
The Tender Hour of the Night: Paris In The ’50s, New York In The ’60s: A Memoir Of Publishing’s Golden Age | Richard Seaver | reviewed by Paul McRandle
The Virtues of Our Vices: A Modest Defense Of Gossip, Rudeness, And Other Bad Habits | Emrys Westacott | reviewed by James Naiden
In Other Worlds: Sf And The Human Imagination | Margaret Atwood | reviewed by Ursula Wood
The Doors: A Lifetime Of Listening To Five Mean Years | Greil Marcus | reviewed by Mark Gustafson
Against the Workshop: Provocations, Polemics, Controversies | Anis Shivani | reviewed by Roger Sedarat


Songs and Stories of the Ghouls | Alice Notley | reviewed by Patrick James Dunagan
Ascension | giovanni singleton | reviewed by Elizabeth Robinson
Burning City: Poems of the Metropolitan Modernity | Jed Rasula & Tim Conley, eds. | reviewed by John Bradley
Uncertainties | Robert Kelly | reviewed by Jordan Reynolds
The Book of a Thousand Eyes | Lyn Hejinian | reviewed by Victoria Brockmeier
Citizen | Aaron Shurin | reviewed by John Bradley
Weather | Dave Lucas | reviewed by Kyle Churney
Murder Ballad | Jane Springer | reviewed by Lynnell Edwards
A Beautiful Marsupial Afternoon: new (soma)tics | CAConrad | reviewed by Abraham Avnisan
Boneshepherds | Patrick Rosal | reviewed by Graham Sutherland


Are You My Mother? | Alison Bechdel | reviewed by Isaac Butler
Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 & Winter 1152 | David Petersen | reviewed by Amanda Vail

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