Vol. 16, No.2, Summer 2011 (#62)

Gary Snyder, Sigrid Nunez, Shin Yu Pai, Robert Duncan, Susie Bright, Rikki Ducornet, Daniel Clowes, and much more... purchase now


Sigrid Nunez: Under the Same Roof | interviewed by Jess deCourcy Hinds
Gary Snyder: A Roundtable Discussion | in which Snyder fields questions from the local Minnesota Literati
Shin Yu Pai: Poetry as Parallel Matter | interviewed by Craig Santos Perez


Life Lessons from Literary Dadsby Erin E. Schmidt
Mnartists.org presents: The Zine Apothecaryby Sarah Peters

Cover artwork "Little cottage in the wood" by Euf Lindeboom


Chapbook Corner:
The Lake Has No Saint | by Stacey Waite | reviewed by Erin M. Bertram
Wordially Yoursby Scott Helmes and Big Time Attic



Calendar of Regrets | Lance Olsen | by Michael Jauchen
Lord of Misrule | Jaimy Gordon | by Douglas Messerli
Netsuke | Rikki Ducornet | by Mark Gustafson
The Free World | David Bezmozgis | by Tori Schacht
Death-in-a-Box | Alta Ifland | by Peter Grandbois
3 Dead Princes | Danbert Nobacon | by Niels Strandskov
Us | Michael Kimball | by Andy Stewart
The Forbidden Zone | Mary Borden | by Henrietta Goodman
Pacazo | Roy Kesey | by Leora Fridman
Trilogy of Resistance | Antonio Negri | by Justin Maxwell
West of Here | Jonathan Evison | by Robert M. Detman
Arthouse | Jeffrey DeShell | Derek M. Jackson
Open City | Teju Cole | by Laird Hunt
The Universe of Things | Gwyneth Jones | by Matthew Cheney
The Clockwork Man | William Jablonsky | by Ramona Szczerba
Zoo City | Lauren Beukes | by Rudi Dornemann
The Alchemist in the Shadows | Pierre Pevel | by Kris Lawson


Meddle English | Caroline Bergvall | by Cole Swensen
Walking the Dog’s Shadow | Deborah Brown | by Scott F. Parker
Building the Barricade | Anna Swir | by Piotr Gwiazda
One Island | Gretchen Steele Pratt | by Neil Kozlowicz
Sobbing Superpower | Tadeusz Różewicz | by Amy Groshek
Money Shot | Rae Armantrout | by John Herbert Cunningham
Scented Rushes | Nada Gordon | by Vladislav Davidzon
American Fanatics | Dorothy Barresi | by Spencer Dew
Strata | Ewa Chrusciel | by Amy Wright
And if You Don’t Go Crazy I’ll Meet You Here Tomorrow | Filip Marinovich | by Ian Bodkin


The Collected Letters of Robinson Jeffers | James Karman, ed. | by Robert Zaller
The Arms of the Infinite | Christopher Barker | by Sharon Mesmer
The H. D. Book | Robert Duncan | by Patrick James Dunagan
Philosophy and Simulation | Manuel DeLanda | by W. C. Bamberger
Tiger, Tiger | Margaux Fragoso | by Yevgeniya Traps
In Quiet Rooms Young Girls Are Writing Poetry | David Rathman | by Mason Riddle
Big Sex Little Death | Susie Bright | by Peter S. Scholtes
My Week at the Blue Angel | Matthew O’Brien | by Jens Tamang
The Lover of a Subversive Is Also a Subversive | Martín Espada | by Zach Czaia
Mother California | Kenneth E. Hartman | by Christopher Zoukis
Arms Wide Open | Patricia Harman | by Barb Teed
Loyalty | Eric Felten | by Will Wlizlo
Fasting for Ramadan | Kazim Ali | by Gary Dukes


The Broadcast | Eric Hobbs and Noel Tuazon | by John Pistelli
Mister Wonderful | Daniel Clowes | by James R. Fleming

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